Give your bride the perfect gift of nature by Ojas The Luxury Bath

Are you looking for a herbal solution to your skin care problems? Then, what could be better than skipping those chemical products and trying out some organic ones? Nothing, I know! Organic products are a lot more lifesaver than using the chemical ones. I mean no one can deny this fact that organic products are really easy-breezy to the skin. They not only keep infections and skin problems away but also makes our skin youthful. So, recently we did an unboxing of a similar organic skincare bridal box by Ojas the luxury bath. And I must tell you, I was just amused by its products. From its soap range to its shower gel and scrubs, these products are just amazing. Have a look at their luxury bridal hamper.

Herbal beauty products | natural skincare products

Who doesn’t love skincare bridal box as a gift?

Organic beauty products | Beauty products online

Still confused as to what should gift your best friend’s this is the ultimate gift for your lovely bestie. Then you must look at this hamper which contains what not from nature’s basket. 

For all the Nutella Lovers – Ojas the luxury bath brings to you Nutella lip balm. Isn’t it amazing?

What would be more perfect than Nutella lip balm made with real Nutella? Sounds perfect for girls because who doesn’t love it.  From it’s amazing aroma to its nourishing properties, this product is a must try girls.
Price – Rs. 315
Organic products | Beauty products

Cotton Candy Soap!

The citric acid in bubble gum soap helps improve your skin texture. It prevents wrinkles and cleanses blocked pores. Due to its antibacterial properties, citric acid is a useful ingredient in natural remedies. Solves acne and pigmentation. This product is purely made in India using herbs with medicinal value. With no chemicals and vegetarian, its best for your skin.
Price – Rs. 300
Organic products | Beauty products

Next thing that attracts our attention is this Face scrub

From making the skin soft to cleaning the dirty pores, this scrub is a literally a life-saver.
Price – Rs. 550
Organic products | Beauty products

Amazing Shower Gel!!

The Vitamin C fruit extract with ingredients that boost complexion. A perfect part of your beauty regime for glowing skin. It also stops skin sagging and improves firmness. Made in India using herbs with medicinal value.

Organic products | Beauty products

50 ML – Price Rs. 200

200 ML pack – Price – Rs. 400 

This bridal hamper is a must have this wedding season because who doesn’t love organic products with a touch of modernization. So, do check this link and buy these awesome products.

Click here to buy these products.

Girls these products are tried and tested by Eventila Team but then too the reaction depends on skin type to skin type. And if you are looking for customized Bridesmaids hamper then do check out on Ojas The luxury Bath Instagram page. Click here to check them.

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