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What all to keep in mind before finalizing your Wedding Photographer!

For all those who think selecting a wedding photographer is a trivial task and should be the last thing to consider on your wedding, people it is time to think again! Because no matter how stunning bridal lehenga you don, or how awe-striking the decor is. If the wedding photographer is not right, you might have to risk getting a booklet of average or disastrous memories! A risk worth-taking? We don’t think so!

Weddings are the most auspicious occasion in any person’s life. And there is probably no one who wanna take a risk of selecting a wedding photographer (who is gonna give you lifetime memories) on your way to office! Do you? Wedding gives you moments that you want to cherish eternally. And therefore, selecting an apt wedding photographer should become a gruesome task like any other work in a priority list. Because when you’re engaged in your own timeless romance, flooded emotions and having your own fun time. Somebody needs to freeze the time, isn’t it?

So, get ready to jot these down, type in your to-do-list or bookmark this page. Because these are the points that are gonna help you in all times ahead!

Behold the list of major points to keep in mind before finalizing your wedding photographer:-

What is it that you aim to get from your Wedding photographer?


Wedding photographers in Delhi

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It is necessary that you get an idea about what style do you want your wedding to be captured! Do you want it to be formal? or more of randoms? or do you want it to be more dramatic? Check out the various Photographers page to get an idea on what is ongoing and which type do you want your wedding to be captured.

Also, it is necessary to fix your budget. Because there are different type of photographer and they have their own set packages with which they cater to their audiences in India and across the country! It is better if you have clear view of how much are you willing to spend. This will help you filter out high-end photographers in the go and focus on quality of work they will provide.

Make a list of photographers!

Best photographers in Delhi


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It is necessary to draft a curated list of the leading Wedding photographers in the Industry. Search on google, check out leading wedding planning service Industry like Eventila, or get a list from your acquaintances, or from the one who recently got married! Just keep in mind, you don’t miss out any or the best ones in the Industry!

A Showcase of Sample Is a must!

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How do you know that he will give you the exact style of photos that you want? So, the best thing to do is ask for his latest shoot samples! In this way, you will not only get an idea of what type of wedding he caters to but also what type of photos he captures! Because every photographer has a distinct style of photos. Some might be an expert in commercial shoots, some in specifically weddings, some in indoor, while some outdoor. So, choose a list of photographers and analyse them carefully to match what you actually want!

Feedback or Review will guide you in the right direction!

Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Feedback or Review will bring you a step closer to finalizing your wedding photographer. Reading such feedback from his dispersed clientele for a wedding photographer hold the same concept as checking reviews before finalizing which product to buy online! Feedback or reviews renders you a credible image of how he works or how he had worked! And no one would really give into the effort of feedback until he or she actually liked his or her work! You can even check out his social media profile to get a broader idea!

Comparing Budget!

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Once you have filtered the wedding photographers according to the sample and the reviews, it is time to take a look at the budget. Package of Wedding Photography may cost you a fortune. Delve deeper into their websites of all the Professional Wedding photographer and find out all the packages that they render to their Clientele. Or if necessary, talk to them on phone, and get the plan mailed for you personally! It is necessary to keep in mind that all you want is quality of work, but that doesn’t mean you need to shell out all your saving to  get the best. There are many in the industry that renders quality work, with affordable prices. You just need to keep an eye open to get the best in the Industry!

Done with everything? It is time to filter!

Keep filtering in each step according to your choice of style, reviews, and your budget plan. Having done with all the scanning and personal communication, it is time to shortlist the ones you find apt! Keep in mind that they must be adjusting, capable of adjusting and understands your vision. Choose the one who as a larger bandwidth, has all the necessary equipment and lights, and an expertise in not only photography but also cinematography. and editing! You don’t want them to fool you with just filtered images!

Get to know your photographer!

wedding photography tips

Set up a date and time with your Wedding photographer. This could be done after you have finalized  the one or perhaps a few photographers. Strike a bond and get to know each other. Tell your story to them and hear how they work. This will help develop a friendly and comfortable zone. Some people are conscious and may find it difficult to pose. This activity would ease down the awkwardness! You can even use the opportunity to tell which are the most important moments to you, and how do you want something to be captured.

These are all the things to keep in mind before you give the responsibility of capturing your Wedding! Make sure you follow them to get the best Wedding Photographer in the Industry!

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