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Out of the Box Wedding Invitation Ideas to send through Whatsapp!

*Ting* (A message clicks on Whatsapp)

*Clicks on the message*

The Message:

Wedding invitation ideas

And my expression? 


Indeed it is! No matter how much you criticize the little problems that social media causes, you cannot deny the fact that it had indeed made our lives super-easy! From sending pictures or videos to connecting with someone big in the industry, nothing seems impossible now! And when everyone and anything is possible in the click of a button and the innovation, too, is at its zenith, how can the idea of sending your Wedding Invitation Card through WhatsApp just would not emerge?

So, We dug deeper into this innovative idea and got really cool Ideas that you can play around with, to plan the best Wedding invitation Card through whatsapp!

Why prefer sending Whatapp Invites through Whatsapp? 

  1. Of course, the first and foremost thing is, it is super-affordable and most-cost effective! It will spare you a heavy fortune of having to spend a large and heavy budget on getting hundreds and thousands of wedding invites printed!
  2. It is quite innovative! You can play with words and graphics according to your suitable function or people you’re sending to! So, It can be funny, informal and quirky for your friends while formal for your relatives!
  3. This is totally easy-breezy and hassle-free! You can design your own wedding card, with various design apps available that provide you default templates! Just choose the best template, edit the details, put-in your best editing and get rolling!

What are the most awesome ideas that you opt for?

“Pictures can say a thousand words!”

Undoubtedly, Pictures can never fail to amaze you! And you have no idea, but you can experiment the most with the pictures. Whether you are the couple who wish to keep it classic or the type of who wants to keep it their own style. Or Perhaps the couple who wants to tell their own story! We have an array of options for you! Scroll down to witness amazing photo ideas to leave everyone WOW with innovation!

Want to flaunt your unique Love Story? Tell it through your Wedding Invitation Card!

best wedding invitations wedding invitation wording

If you have had a recent Pre-wedding shoot! Don’t leave the pictures unattended!

Your one of the pre-wedding shoots photo along with a text of ‘SAVE THE DATE’ written in a class manner. Isn’t it perfect? Perhaps this could be the best trailer you can send and give some major couple goals to everyone around you!

wedding invitation cards

For checking out pre-wedding shoot ideas, Click here!

marriage invitation card

indian wedding invitation ideas

Get your Photo caricatured and add more cuteness to your wedding invitation card!

For the couple who likes it a little offbeat, you can choose this quirky affair of making your wedding invitation card! All you need is a good app (Google has splendid) that can transform your picture into a doodle image and make your wedding invitation card super-awesome to look at!

indian wedding invitation ideas

wedding invitation wording

For the couples who want to keep it minimalist and modern yet Traditional!

These wedding invitation cards could one of the best options you can opt for! These are simple, elegant and perfect for you to share in that family group of yours!

indian wedding invitation ideas

best wedding invitations

For the couples who like to keep it casual yet make a blast like Sumit Vyas!

indian wedding invitation ideas

For all the Bollywood fans out there, This wedding invite should be the definite one for you!

Some Couple is a true movie fan! (We truly know you) Just choose the best movie because no matter how your love story is, it can nothing be nothing less than a Bollywood love story!

wedding invitation ideas

Wedding invitation cards

best wedding invitations

best wedding invitations

These are quirkiest means of Inviting your WhatsApp troop! Just Make it by using any of the designing apps and get ready to receive awesome reactions!

Videos can never fail to grab attention!

If you’re the couple who wants to make a lasting impression, Videos could be your thing! Instead of sharing the recording of opening the wedding card, try to put an effort by making a video that leaves everyone in major awe-struck moments! You can share these videos on WhatsApp or Instagram stories or your feed! These will grab instant attention or you never know, but you can even create a trend!

What to do?

Hire a Videographer or Cinematographer!

For all the couples-to-be, it is time to hire a Photographer cum Cinematographer and get your pre-wedding shoot done. Because the photos will give an awesome wedding invitation card while videos could be used for your Video Wedding Invitation!

Isn’t this the best of both worlds?

For booking a professional Cinematographer, Click here!

Say it with your story!

This could be the most engaging idea to use as a wedding invitation video! These are not only engrossing but are just too cute too handle!

Graphics can never ditch you!

The best thing you can do is hire an expert, put in the details and get that video rolling. This is not only cost-effective but also very creative and engaging! Scroll down to watch the video of how Ambani did ‘SAVE The DATE’ for his son and daughter-in-law! 

*What to keep in mind while designing these?*

For pictures-

  1. Colors- The foremost thing to keep in mind is the colors! For the cards, like Caricature or Bollywood wedding invitation cards, the colors should be necessarily bright and vibrant! These will not only be appealing but will also instantly grab viewers attention!
  2. Font- must be readable! Choose the appropriate font type. And make sure the font size is apt enough to be read!
  3. Content- Should be precise, concise and crisp as possible! You have to keep in mind that the point of WhatsApp invite is that it is quick and hassle-free! You simply need to mention the location, time and date of the wedding in your own creativity!
  4. Heading- Always keep the heading bold and attention-grabbing!

For Video-

  1. Engaging– The video should be engaging enough to keep the audience till the end!
  2. Content– Content should be as less as possible. You can just play with quotes!
  3. Duration– Keep the video short and to the point as possible. It could be to the max. duration of 1:30 mins. Not recommended more than that!

But even if you have decided the graphics and what designs you want, people often stagger back in what content to write!

Don’t worry we have a whole load of Content that you can go forward with!

What could be the type of wording you can use?

If you have decided all the creative elements, it is time to pay attention to the wordings! Because no matter how you go with the creative elements, wordings will be the soul of the wedding invitation card!

Choose them according to your taste and who you wanna send to. Because there is just so much to experiment with!

How about a romantic quote?

Quotes could be boring and drab. But they can be a good start to your wedding card invitation idea! Just add up those cheesy quotes and they could be the perfect glam up to your wedding invitation card.

Some of the romantic quotes-

“Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours”

Together with our families, (Bride & Groom) request the pleasure of your company,

as we embark on this new journey.

Wedding: Date, Time & venue

Reception: Date, Time & Venue

Some more romantic quotes that you can use-

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

If you wanna keep it simple yet special and sweet-

“As we both step into this new phase of life, we want you to be right by our side”

Come fill our big day with your love and light

and make our sweet beginnings ever sweeter

(Date, time, Venue)

Some other from the same-

“Join us in the celebrations as we step into the world of utopia.”

“Taking their first step to eternity, join us to celebrate this special bond.”

No measure of time will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever!

You need to reserve some funny quotes for your Chuddy Buddies?

“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner

Our smiles will only get wider, and our laughs bigger, with our friends on our side as we take the plunge!

Celebrate our big day with us

(Date, Time, Venue)

Some more of this funny bytes-

“He Stole my heart, so I am planning a revenge to take his name”

“there are a hundred paths through the love that are easier than loving, but who likes easier?”

Is there a happily ever after? We thought let’s try and find out”

Or something like…..

Wedding invitation cards

Some Particularly creative and funny lines for your close buddies!

“Do you remember those days when you used to talk about who

will get married first and who will be the last? Well, unfortunately,

I am the first one. You have to be there to make my wedding day super special.”

(Date, time, venue)

Or some more lines and creativity like this can never leave your friends unattended!

Wedding invitation wordings

Wedding invitation ideas

Steal some more lines and creativity from these! because you know how your closed ones like it!

Wedding invitation cards

No matter how close they are to you, you know how to make them come! Because only you know how they like it!

Wedding invitation cards

Hope you got a really good idea of how to plan your wedding invitation cards out! Because when everything has gone digital and hassle-free! Why Wedding invitation cards remain such a burden!

Try these cool ideas and do tell us in the comment, which of the ideas really caught your attention and was of great help!

For more such unique ideas, tune into Eventila Blogs!

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