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11 Wedding Photography Tips For Getting The Most Beautiful Wedding Pictures.

My friend got married recently in Delhi. With all the shu-sha and things arranged-organized beforehand, she was all set for her The day of her life. But when everything seemed to be on point, she wasn’t really happy with her wedding pictures. Frankly speaking, looking best at your wedding is everyone’s dream! But, there are only a few brides who are able to achieve their dream. Sounds, difficult, but it’s not, trust me. Because when Eventila is there then you don’t need to worry at all. Seeing all this, we decided to solve your queries right away. So, bringing you 11 wedding photography tips to consider while posing for your special day.

11 wedding photography tips to consider while posing for your wedding pictures.

wedding photography poses | creative wedding photography

1. Get a prior trial and then only book your Makeup Artists. 

Before jumping on to booking your makeup artists always try to get a trial of your makeup. This helps you in understanding what style looks best on you and what style you must avoid. For instance – people who have small eyes should avoid getting smoky eyes because it will make your eyes look really awful.

Know what all questions you need to ask your makeup artist before booking them Click here to know more…

Questions to ask your makeup artists before booking them | wedding picture ideas | wedding poses

2. Decide your poses well before!!

This is a really important tip that bride often misses out. After your wedding date is all set and you kick start your preparations, do simultaneously check wedding pages for latest trends. These wedding inspiration sites present the latest trends in the most beautiful and elaborative way. By just a scroll you will get an idea of the trendiest picture picks for your wedding.

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wedding photography ideas | wedding photo ideas

3. Hire a Professional Wedding Stylist – Perks of being a bride.

In the hustle-bustle of finalizing plenty of things. Getting everything right on your wedding day. Brides often miss out many things that can really help them in getting good images. Like what should be your dupatta draping style, last minute dress touch-ups. This is where a professional stylist can do wonders for you. And when you don’t have to worry about these minimal touch-ups, then you can surely concentrate on posing well for your wedding pictures. Right?

4. Know your best face side, face cut, and chin lift poses.

Now, this is what we call extremely important. Not every photographer is an expert in telling you which side of yours is looking good. So, it’s really essential for you to understand your face cut, chin type, and tilt neck. If your face is round shaped, front-portraits would not look good for you. A pose like in the picture is what you can choose, plus point it will make your picture Insta-worthy too. 
photography ideas | wedding photo tips
wedding photo poses | wedding picture ideas
Photo Credits – Wedd Art Studios 

5. For the Groom – Adjust your shervani and shehra for good clicks

Boys, if you think that this blog is just for brides then you are wrong. So, Groom-to-be, if you are wearing a churidar then you need to focus on keeping your shervani loose a little. And you are wearing something off-beat like a dhoti then too keep the kurta stylish. Get all the latest styles and trends on our blog that will help you understand this better. Check out our blog here…

wedding photoshoot ideas | creative wedding photography

Credits – Gulzar Sethi Photography

6. Go Candid, Be goofy!

For getting the best pictures on your wedding day, the biggest wedding photography tip is – Don’t fake anything because it clearly shows in your pictures. So, be funky, be chubby or just be simple but Be you. Many professional photographers advice this to all their clients. The main reason is that if you are not comfortable with yourself then pictures will not come nice. So, go candid, go goofy, be yourself!

wedding poses ideas | wedding photography tips


wedding photo tips | wedding poses ideas

7. To get Best pictures, don’t forget to Smile!!

We know it sounds a little funny, but practice makes perfect. After all, you need to smile for the whole day on your wedding date. But, this is really important as a smile is the best makeup worn by any girl, right? We want you to look natural — that means be comfortable with your smile and own it.
 creative wedding photography
Photo By – Lilac weddings 

8. Keep your arms a little away from your body!

Whenever you are getting a picture always remember this that never press your arms against your body. Create a small separation between your body and your arms. “This trick not only makes your arms look smaller. But defines your waistline, which makes you look slimmer,” says Eventila Bride.

wedding photography ideas

Credits – Dipak Studios 

9. Make sure your eyes look bigger!

Eyes play a major role in making your face look perfect. So, choosing a good eye-makeup is really important but before that learn some poses in which your chin looks good and your eyes appear larger. Trust us on this, you will look good when your eyes look bigger.

creative wedding photography

Photo – Deep Joshi Photography

10. Choose trends wisely

Do not blindly pick any trend that is going on Instagram. Always pick those trends which would make you look good rather than just randomly choosing it. Because everyone has a different body and face type, so choose wisely.

wedding photo poses

Beautiful capture by – Mohit Jaru Photography

11. Avoid Patchy and High SPF Makeup

A very basic and a very effective makeup tip that all the bride-to-be must note down. As whenever you are all set to get your makeup, then surely discuss this with your makeup artist. High SPF makeup products make your skin look really artificial and also creates patchy looks on your face. This tip is shared to us by many brides as if you have high SPF makeup on your face, then it may bounce white flash when pictures are clicked. So, if you want to look your best at your wedding then avoid such products.

wedding photography poses | creative wedding photography

Picture by – Nitin Arora Photography 

At the end we would like to say, don’t take too many tensions as it reflects on your face. Worry less and smile, more! It’s your wedding you have to look natural and your best. So, that was it from our side, do tell us in the comments if you want more details on anything related to wedding and we’ll be there to help you out. And for more trends and wedding tips and tricks, keep loving Eventila Blogs!

Banner Image By – Sona Sachdeva Photography 

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