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The Ultimate list of 40+ Groom Entry Songs this wedding season!

Heyyyy Grooms, Why should Brides have all the fun, right???
So, thinking about you guys, we thought of bringing the ultimate list of Groom Entry Songs for Wedding. That will not only make your entry dhamakedaar but will also give a tough fight to your bride. Are you ready to make your entry swag vali????
I am sure you guys are! Have a look at these fresh beats of Munde vale songs ji.

1. Mai Dekhu Teri Photo hits the Groom Entry Songs for a Wedding list. 

The new breath of the air- Mein Dekhu Teri photo is just a perfect song for 2019 weddings. Because when you love adoring her then why not choose a song that fits perfectly in this situation. And trust me when I say this that this song literally melts every girl’s heart.

2. Tenu Lekar Mein Jaavaunga

I don’t doubt on this that whenever I listen to this song, I imagine a groom entering. Because its the-the groom entry song. An evergreen song that can never lose its charm. Isn’t it??

3. Malhari

Ditch that Sheshah vala song because that’s too old school for a swaggy groom like you. And when Ranveer is the inspiration then Malhari is a definite pick. So, if you too love dancing on energetic numbers and give a tough fight to the ladhkivalas then this is your song.

4. Humsafar from Badhrinath Ki Dhulaniya – A romantic number in Groom Entry Songs for Wedding

5. Zaalima 

6. Jag Ghoomeya 

7. Bom Diggy Diggy 

8. Sajan Bade Senti

It’s like winning a long battle when your love marriage becomes arrange. It’s kind a beautiful feeling as well so if your love story also went to this beautiful phrase. Then don’t hesitate while dancing it out on Sajan Bade Senti from Badha Ho. I know that Morni Banke took all the limelight but this song is really something in its own way. So, get ready to say to your Bae that Banda to ready hai Ji aapka hi keeydi hai Ji.

9. Bhare Bazaar Song from Namaste England 

When the boy just loves teasing her girlfriend on little things and love her as the way she is. Then he gotta be little possessive and gotta tease you on the wedding day as well. Know some guy like that then you must send them this blog to tell him that he must enter on this song. Wanna know more about this song then you must check out our blog. Click here…

10. Wakhra Swag 

11. Tera Rang Balle Balle 

12. Kya Baat Hai 

Groom Entry Songs for Wedding | Indian Groom Entrance Songs | Baraat Entrance Songs

Credits – Reels and Frames 

13. Aa Toh Sahi – Judwa 2 

14. Sweetheart from the movie Kedarnath 

15. Zingaat from Dhadak 

Bring all your guys gang along and get ready to show your saaliyan that you ain’t gonna win the sangeet night. Just – The perfect Bollywood number, if you love dancing from your heart. The only song that doesn’t needs you to prepare because dance on this song comes directly from the heart. Right?

16. Tenu suit suit karda 

17. Aaj Se Teri 

18. Mein Tera boyfriend Tu Meri Girlfriend 

19. Khaab by Parmish Verma 

20. Hey Shona from the movie Tara Rum Pum 

Now, I know that all the guys don’t love dancing as much as our girls do. But all the guys love bringing that smile on their girl’s face. So, make her blush on the D-day by lip singing this song because some songs say the tunes of heart. Isn’t it?

21. Dil Dooba From Khakee 

22. Lahore by Guru Randhava 

23. Make some noise for the Desi Boyz 

24. Tumse Milkar Dil Ka Haal Kya Kahe from the movie Main Hu Naa 

25. Uchi Hai Building Lift Teri Band Hai 

Girls, if your boyfriend cracks jokes and sings a silly song then you are really lucky to have him. And Uchi Hai Building, lift Teri band hai, is that perfect masaledaar song for him. You can even get this amazing groom entry recorded because this is something way different. Book your perfect photographer here…

26. Mundiya Toh Bach K Rhi 

27. Oh Ho Ho by Shukhbir 

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28. Munda Kukkar Kamal Da 

29. Lamborghini 

30. Tera Hone Laga hu 

31. Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyaali Ho 

32. Sapne Mein Milti Hai 

33. 3 Peg Balliye

When your boy gang is all set to rule the wedding with their Baraati valae steps then why not in Groom entry as well. Dance to the most hit punjabi mudheya vala song on your wedding.

34. Salam-E-Ishq 

34. Banja Tu Meri Rani 

36. Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam

This song reminds me of the love of the 90s. So, if you and your partner also love that 90s vala romance then this song is for you. Also, plus point of choosing is this song from the list of Groom Entry Songs for Wedding is that you can even show the world your love story in the most beautiful way.

37. Tujhko Bna kar k Lejaanege Badri Ki Dhulhania 

38. Soch Na Sake from the movie Airlift 

You guys have to agree with me when I say this that romantic songs just tickle that right love cords. So do this song which clearly announces that my love is beyond anybody’s imagination. How beautiful, isn’t it?

39. Karle Baby Dance Wance

A really hilarious and amazing song that puts a smile on every face whenever it gets played. The funniest number in the list of Groom Entry Songs for Wedding

40. Dekha Toh Tujhe Yaar Dil me Baji Guitar 

41. Coca Cola Tu new entry in Groom Entry Songs for Wedding

What’s the point of getting married if you are not dancing to your favorite song. So, if this song keeps on playing in your head then why not make it your entry song?

We hope that we gave you some of the most genuine and the most amazing tracks for your unique groom entry. And if you guys loved it, don’t forget to tell us in the comments which song did you find to be the most amazing one? Till next time keep grooving and keep dancing on the latest songs because weddings are a traditional way of saying let’s party!!!!

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