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12 Awesome Places that you must visit for your Bachelorette trip!

Girls don’t get married to wear lehengas! Yep, that’s true they get married so that they can have a blast at their bachelorette trip. Isn’t it? Not guilty for saying it! Because, last bachelorhood ka celebration to Banta hai boss!
And whenever we talk about places to visit on a bachelorette trip, Goa is what pops up in every mind. But let’s take a break from Goa vale plans and take you on a ride to some of the most amazing places that you can visit on your bachelorette trip. So, get ready to pack your bags and sail onto drunken and fun-filled nights to your last trip of bachelorhood.
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Leh Ladakh – Adventure starts here…

If you are planning to get married in Summers then this place is ideal for your Bachelorette trip. Because when beautiful mountains call you then you never say no! The beautiful mountain ranges and fun-filled activities are just what you guys need for your trip. Don’t forget to camp under the stars in Ladakh because it’s really something else. For nature lovers, do visit Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake.
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Mumbai – Where the night stays awake in the arms of the party!

We all know how girls like to swing! So, if you too loved dancing and setting the dance floor on fire. Then this Bachelorette idea is just for you. Mumbai is very famous for its clubs so do find out what makes this city party friendly at your bachelorette. And when you get tired partying then stop to shop at Colaba Causeway, it is a shopping paradise for girls.
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Pondicherry – A place with a vibe

We are saying this because this place is the relaxing station in India. With yellow, grey and pink vibe everywhere, it gives a very fresh and soothing feeling. This little town is just a couple of hours away from Chennai and is super affordable. So, if you want to have a relaxed and quite bachelorette party then this is the place for you.
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Nasik- The Indian Vineland Paradise

With the perfect wine in your hand and exquisite dine experience in another. Everything becomes just super fine! Oh, it actually rhymed. Okay, my bad. Nasik is a very beautiful place when you want to get lost in the beautiful vinelands and explore nature. Perfect time to go to Nasik is in winters. As in winters, the weather is just apt for sightseeing experience. So, next time you are planning any bachelorette trip then, Nasik is surely on the hit list.
Vinelands of Nasik | Places to visit in Nasik on your Bachelorette | bachelorette party places
Vinelands of Nasik | Places to visit in Nasik on your Bachelorette | bachelorette party places

Las Vegas – The party capital of the world

Now, do we need to really elaborate the party capital of the world? Or you can just understand how much fun happens in Las Vegas, by just us saying Las Vegas. Literally, this place is something else, where everyone is in a party mood for 24×7. And I wouldn’t complain because the vibe of this place is so party-friendly and rich. So, if you don’t want your bachelorette to end then this place is definitely for you.
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Kasol – For a trekking vala Bachelorette trip

If your squad is full of adventurous ladies then this place is just for you. Pack your bags and get ready to witness the most magical mountain journey. The best time of visit this place is in October and June.
Kasol Bachelorette trip | Bachelorette trip

Ziro Valley – The treasure of Nature

Stunning Natural beauty is what this place is very well known for!!
From its rich tree plantation to its fun-filled activities, this place is all about having fun. Plan your bachelorette in early winters if you want to have the ultimate fun at Ziro Valley.
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Udaipur- The city of lakes

This city is surely one of my favorites. Because it’s the Indian Venice after all. From its breathtakingly beautiful lakes to its peace. This place is perfect for getting rid of all your wedding prep stress. For car lovers, this place is a hidden gem as it has vintage car collection stores to visit and adore.
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Greece – Where the magic happens

Getting popular day by day! Greece is just becoming another favorite destination for the Bachelorette party. Rather than going for the same places where there are heavy slot bookings. Girls are preferring Greece which is more quiet and perfect for privacy. So, for going to Greece, don’t forget to match your outfits. Also, give your bride a Bridezilla moment with customized straps and bathrobes. These things will definitely make her feel special. Recently, this bride went for a trip in Mykonos take a look at her fun-filled bachelorette party idea.
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands – The beach fun starts here…

How about visiting the most beautiful beaches in India on your Bachelorette trip? Sounds amazing, right?? Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a variety of things to do on a bachelorette. From deep sea diving to chilling on beaches this places offers you a bundle of joy for your vacation. It is also amongst the best destinations to relax and have fun with your friends. So, before you get hitched, spend some quality time on the beaches of Andaman and Nicobar.
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Macau – The Las Vegas of Asia

Said to be the most happening destination near India. This place is rightly said the Las Vegas of East. From its party-filled nightlife to its mouth-watering tasty food, this place is a perfect combo. The neon lights of casinos, pulsating beats pumped out by world-renowned DJs, clubs. Interestingly, they are also known to play Bollywood songs here for Indian bride-to-be.
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Bangalore – Pamper, Party and get Pumped up!!

Yep, these three words define the life in Bangalore. With the weekends boasting of nightlife until 1:00 am in the night. You can choose from a variety of options to party till you drop. It is a perfect place to head to for enjoying. Head out to have a scrumptious meal with your buddies. After which you can surely head to bowling and thereafter hit any of the popular clubs in town. It is a perfect place to pamper yourself before you tie the knot.
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We hope you guys got a clear idea as to which place you must choose for your dhamakedaar Bachelorette trip. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which place you liked the most and for more wedding fun, keep loving Eventila blogs.
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