Wedding outfits for men

Eventila’s Style-File Guide Presents Wedding Dresses for Men!

We must say, Men are the luckiest when it comes to weddings! They have to get into a shop, pick up a subtle color Sherwani for the wedding or a smart tuxedo for the reception and that is it! Isn’t it? They are saved from the chaos and hullabaloo that a bride goes through! That is, having to choose from the latest blouse designs, the trending colors and the latest trends! Uff! That is so much!

But after witnessing various trends in recent celebrity weddings, for whosoever, who thinks Men’s fashion for the wedding are not something to look up to! You definitely need to think twice! Because it is not just the bride’s wear which is making a huge statement in weddings, it also the Men’s wear that we need to keep an eye on to keep up with the stunning bride!

So, having done enough partiality to our lovable brides, it is time to turn our focus to Men!

Here is presenting you with the latest fashion trends in Wedding dresses for Men:-

1. Velvets are not only in for Brides this wedding season 2019, but even Groom can steal the charm with a Velvet Sherwani and an intricate embroidery! 

Latest Indian Wedding dress for Men

wedding suits for men

Photo credits- Coolbuez Photography

2. The best wedding dress for men is to don on a complete contrasting color on a simple and plain kurta. But it is important to make sure it’s the one with embroidery too because they are not only prominent this season but also will make them look more elegant and royal!

Wedding suits for men

Credits- Dipak Studios

3. To make it more personal and memorable for a lifetime, customize your Sherwani with your initials! Believe us, it will be the best Groom suit for any Man!

Wedding outfits for men

Clicking credits- Shutter Down

4. Black is the upcoming trend in Indian weddings! So, become a major show stealer with a black glamorous sherwani for men and we assure you, you will never go unaccounted for sure!

latest indian wedding dress for men

Awesome picture by- Karan Sidhu Photography

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5. One of the best wedding clothes for men, and for particularly day function or weddings, choose bright and vibrant colors in Sherwanis. These colors are totally eye-catching and are perfect to brighten up the mood of the wedding! 

shadi dresses for men

Picture by- Shutter Down

latest wedding dress for men

6. Off-whites have taken a new look and yet again with embroideries. If you wish to wear a closed button jacket, this is the best offbeat trend you can get! Simple yet elegant!

gents wedding dress

Clicked by- Shutter down

Isn’t it perfect?

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7. Get that ‘Bandies’ or half jackets rolling on your wedding with intricate and cool designs!

marriage dress for men

Credits to- Shutter Down

latest indian wedding dress for men

8. A simple kurta and a stunning glittery jacket. Isn’t it cool and one of the best men’s wears for marriage?

wedding dress for men

Stunning click by- Wedding Nama

9. Adorn a bright colored heavy stole over a simple wedding sherwani for Man! It could be the perfect reception dress for any man!

reception dress for man

Click by- Plush Affair

gents wedding dress

Clicking credits- Plush Affairs

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marriage dress for man

Clicking credits to- Plush Affair

10. Florals are making a huge statement this Wedding season! So, suit up for floral adorned Sherwani for your day function- certainly a must wedding-outfit for any man!

mens wear for marriage

By- Design Aqua

These are very cool and pleasing to the eye!

Latest Indian Wedding dress for men

Photo credits- Cool Bluez Photography

11. Go a little offbeat yet casual with this quirky wedding dress for the man! Don on shorts with that colorful blazer and you are all set to leave everyone in jaw-dropping moments!

latest indian wedding dress for man

Click by- Wedding Nama

Ideal attire for beach weddings!

man's wear for marriage

12. Leave everyone envious with this cool buttoned jacket! Do screenshot this one, because this is gonna rage up any time soon for this wedding season 2019!

*Don’t forget to twin the colors with your bae*

marriage dress for man

By- Plush Affairs

13. For whosoever who thinks that sherwani is best with a churidar at the bottom, think again after this picture below!

wedding suits for men

This awesome click by- Coolbluez Photography

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14. And if you are a Ranveer fan, how can you forget that Bajirao Mastani skirt?

wedding dresses for men

Credits- Karan Sidhu Photography

15. For that twinning and a more ‘couply shot’, pair something in matching color with your bae like Ranveer Singh and you are gonna everyone real jealous moments!

wedding suits for groom

Wedding outfits for men

wedding dress for men

wedding clothes for men

Clicking credits- Shutter Down

Here are sure-shot trends in wedding dresses for men in 2019!

So, be sure to bookmark or screenshot them, because you are gonna be needing them any time soon!

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