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These 31 wedding dance videos got insanely popular on internet!

Remember, that Thug life bride who ruled the internet with her stunning moves on Sean’s Cheap Thrills? Of course, you guys remember that dance video which got insanely popular on the internet! Recently, we saw another bride dancing with her bridesmaids. She danced on the most, non-obvious song #Single Rhene De and she looked just so amazing. Isn’t it?

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Now, we all have to admit that some wedding dance videos didn’t just rule the internet, they ruled hearts. From Youtube to Instagram, people have just loved these videos and shared it to an extent that we had to talk about it. So, we are here, as always to present an amazing list of videos that ruled the internet and took everyone by storm giving us some major goals for wedding and couple dance ceremonies. Have a look!

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List of Dance Videos which got insanely popular on the internet! 

 Amisha Bhardwaj on Sean Cheap Thrills redefined the meaning of Bridal dance.

Amisha Bhardwaj, a bride that is known to bring this trend in the wedding industry. Unlike, any other bride who is in the tensions of getting ready and is sitting patiently while getting the makeup done, this bride out of all the blues made this video which gained massive popularity and love by all. This video has over 11 million views on youtube and is still winning hearts.

 Introducing Mani Ben, on Single Rhene De Bridal Dance 

Second in our list is a recent video by Coolbluez Photography again. This video has created a lot of fire on Instagram in very little time. So, introducing you to Mani Ben, who wants to be Single and happy.

Nhi Janna, a song that got overnight popular with this bride’s graceful moves!

Searching for Bride and Bridesmaids Dance Ideas, we have got you covered!

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Presenting you the video which drooled the internet with major Bridesmaids dance goals. This video is just perfect for a sangeet night when you wanna tease your hubby-to-be. Tell him you are not that smart or handsome but it’s me who is so good that I am dating you. Hhehehe, just kidding guys, have a look at the video…

This Bridesmaid dance video just made it clear that girls need “N” number of Tareefan. Pretty girls just nailed the way they moved and danced to this energetic song. 

Are you looking for a dance performance idea that can rock the dance floor? Then this video is just for you. With over 2 lakh views on our channel itself on Instagram, this video is surely a Bridesmaid Dance inspirations. 

When you have a big gang of sisters who are just more than cousins to you, then this dance performance is a must. Dazzle with your girl gang on the most beautiful wedding dance song

Some killer dance videos for some kick-ass brides who love to swing!


Trendy groom performances on Instagram

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The Proposal you just can’t say no to…

After our rocking Brides dancing to the tunes like never before, how can our handsome Grooms not give a tough fight? So, here’s presenting a Proposal Flash Mob dance idea that will leave you with the memories forever. 

If your guy is not so much in surprises, girls make sure to share this unique video with them to drop them hints that you are looking for surprises like this once in a while! 😛 

View this post on Instagram

The complete video of this surprise flash⚡mob performance planned by the groom🤵. P.S. Don't miss the way he proposes 💍her girl in between the dance, and her expressions!! 😍 . Tag your love to drop him hints that want a surprise proposal like this!! . . . Share your unique proposal photos / videos with us on for getting featured. . . . . . 👣 FOLLOW @eventilaindia for unique trending ideas on Indian Weddings. . . Cinematic Video captured by @seventybytwo Concept & choreography by @purplechariothq . . . . #proposal #surpriseproposal #shesaidyes #proposalstories #flashmob #indianwedding #srk #shahrukhkhan #weddinginspiration #couplegoals #weddingideas #dance #groom #bride #weddingdancelessons #indianweddingdance #prewedding #instawedding #instavideo #instavid #love #romantic #eventila

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The cutest TV celeb proposal of all time.

When normal couples are proposing in such a cute way, then how can our TV stars stay back? Bringing you the most cutest celeb proposal video, we spotted on internet. Yes, we are talking about Shoaib and Bigg Boss contestant Dipika’s proposal story on the sets of Nach Baliye. This video too gained massive popularity on Instagram. 

 The Dreamy Proposal Story 

The bride and Groom Fairytale Entry

Every time its the bride’s entry that makes people excited. Right? But we bring you a groom entry that will make you smile like anything.

Bridal Entry Dance performances videos that got madly popular. 

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Bridal Entry Dance performances that brought storm on the social media. We all love Bridal Entry dances and if you are thinking that we are just going to talk about Kaala Chashma…
Then stay tuned. We have a lot of variety to offer you!!

And who doesn’t loves Hawa Hawai Girls, Right? This Bridal entry was just so cute that we had to add it here. 

Veers Before Heers 

Some Brides choose Veers before Heers. So, if you also have a bro-gang to back you up, then this video is surely for you!

Couple Dance videos that made us Eye-stuck

Other sizzling dance videos that sizzled the air on Instagram.

When the bride has got such adorable moves then the groom has nothing but to blush!! Because girls like to swing!!

We hope that you would love this blog. For more getting your sangeet songs playlists. Click Here…


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