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31 Unknown facts about Deepika Padukone!

You may know her as an actress, as a diva, as a superstar, but you may not know these unknown facts about Deepika Padukone that we are going to tell you. In this section, we are revealing some really unique personality traits of this bonified beauty. So, let’s flip some pages into her life and know her deeply-

1. Deepika Padukone was born on 5th January 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is believed that Deepika was a very happy baby in her childhood who loved to smile and dance.

Unknown facts about Deepika Padukone | Deepveerkishadi | Deepika Padhukone | Ranveer singh

2. Taking sports love from her father Prakash Padukone, she too has played state-level badminton before jumping into action.

Unknown facts about Deepika Padukone | Deepveerkishadi | Prakash Padhukone | Deepika playing badminton

3. Deepika Padukone has younger sister Anisha who is again a sports lover and is a golfer. Both the sister has got sports gene in them from their father who was a very well-known national badminton player.

4. Deepika was brought in Bengaluru and in an interview, she also quoted that because of her upbringing she had got this South Indian accent which helped her in Chennai Express.

5. Very few people know that Deepika had decided to pursue acting in her class 10th. She was everytime very excited to watch every new film which used to release.

Deepika’s Struggling Days

6. When Deepika Padukone came to Mumbai, she had to struggle a lot to get modeling assignments. It almost took her 4 years to establish herself as a full-time model.

7. In 2004, she appeared in a soap commercial of Liril from which she had gained massive popularity. This was her career’s milestone commercial.

8. In 2005, this Diva again shined in the industry with her charm and became Kingfisher Model of the Year. After which she made her big-time modeling debut in Lakme Fashion Week. 
9. Deepika never got demotivated even if her assignments did not do well. She practiced and tried to improve with every passing failure. So, she was waiting for a chance to show the world, her inner talent. 
Deepveerkishadi | Deepika padukone | Ranveer Singh's wedding pictures

10. Deepika got her major break with much hit album ‘ Nam hai Tera” of Himesh Reshammiya’s pop collection. This was the album in which Farah Khan spotted her and choose to cast her in her upcoming movie.

Deepika Padukone major break | Deepika Padukone's first hit

11. After Farah had a formal interaction with Deepika, she finally decided to give her Om Shanti Om. But, because Deepika had no much acting experience, Farah used to scold her every time. Once Farah also wanted to chuck her out of the film because she had irritated her so much.

12. Very few people know that before Om Shanti Om, Deepika did a movie named “Aishwarya” which was a Kannada movie. After which she joined Anupam Kher’s acting school to improve her acting skills.

13. Om Shanti Om gave her a grand entry to Bollywood. She even received her first Filmfare for it as a Best Debut Female. Deepika was on the clouds at this moment but her journey demanded her to struggle a bit more.

om shanti om | Deepika in Om Shanti Om | Sharukh Khan in Om Shanti Om

14. Her second movie “Bachna Aae Haseeno” was with Ranbir Kapoor, that movie did not pick well on the box office and Deepika also got a negative response for her acting.

15. After this movie, she did a lot of movies like Chandni Chowk to China, Break K Baad, Kartik calling Kartik, but she was not able to establish herself as an actress.

Deepika’s Big Hit 

16. And then came her career’s big-time successful movie, Love Aaj Kal. This movie made her known as a fine actress and she was able to collect a good response from the critics as well.

Deepika in Love Aaj Kal | Unknown facts about Deepika Padukone's life | Deepika Padukone's wedding pictures

17. Deepika even took home her second black lady for this movie. After this movie, Deepika slowly and gradually started to make her way in Bollywood.

18. She just didn’t face bad times in her professional front but she was also dealing with her personal life issues. During the movie Bachna Aae Haseeno, she started dating Ranbir Kapoor.

19. Her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor collected a lot of buzzes as every time there was some news related to them. Deepika also got a tattoo on her neck of Ranbir’s initials RK.

20. After a few years, they broke up and Deepika was really scattered at that time. She even told media that she is facing mental illness and is overcoming her breakup.

Deepika and Ranveer's wedding | Deepika's dress | Wedding dress of deepika padukone | Deepika's winning

Successful 2013

21. The year 2013 came with a lot of surprises for her. As her movies did very well on the box office. She even gained a lot of appreciations from everybody in the film industry. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express became highest grossing movies for that year. Deepika shinned like a true star in Bollywood because of these movies.
Deepika in Yeh Jawani hai Deewani | Beautiful Deepika
22. She became the highest paid actress of Bollywood and her performances got credited above Shahrukh Khan.
23. Then in 2015, she decided to do Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gooliyo ki Rasleela Ramleela which made us love her like anythingHer phenomenon acting and expressions as Leela just stuffed a goli in our hearts and made a permanent place for this Diva
 Deepika in Ramleela | Deepika Padukone's shadi |
24. This was the same movie where she met the love of her life, Ranveer Singh. It is so adorable how these actors compliment each other like anything. 
Deepika in Ramleela | Deepika Padukone's shadi

25. After this movie both of them were seen complimenting each other in front of the media and also defending each other’s choices in life.

26. The best part was Ramleela together won Best Actor and Best Actress award for Golliyoki Raslila Ramleela and took their Filmfare home. They were seen enjoying each other’s success in Ramleela’s after part as well.

Deepika in Ramleela | Deepika Padukone's shadi

India’s first film with motion capture technology gave Deepika her special place

27. Deepika also did a Tamil movie with the name ‘Kochadaiyan’ for which the film directors paid her US $4,60,000. It was a two-day work in the film but it gained a lot of popularity. As this film was the first film to be shot in India with motion capture technology.

28. Deepika gained love and affection for her role in Piku because she looked so caring and so loving as a daughter. This movie also gave her a chance to make a special place in every viewer’s heart. She even got many awards because of this movie.

Deepika in Ramleela | Deepika Padukone's shadi

29. Apart from being a stunning actress in Bollywood. Deepika writes a weekly column in Hindustan Times. She is also involved for many social causes and charities. She even adopted a village of Maharashtra.

Deepika is finally getting married!

30. Recently, we saw her on Karan Johar’s Coffee with Karan. Where she said that Yes, she will be getting married this year. and we loved the way she blushed.
Deepika and Alia on coffee with karan
31. Deepika Padukone is getting married to Ranveer Singh on 14th and 15th November 2018. Want to know their wedding details, do read our blog. Click Here
Deepika in Ramleela | Deepika Padukone's shadi



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