Ultimate Styling Guide for Upcoming Wedding Season!

Styling is the roots of modern Indian fashion and when it comes to wedding, it becomes even more important! You could wear a very expensive dress for your wedding, but if it is not styled right, it becomes a blunder. So, for our Bride and Bridesmaid shoot, we collaborated with an awesome team of stylist who shared with us some ultimate tips for styling your look on your or your best friend’s Mehendi day. 

For this shoot, we had Ashna Singh from Merry Kaufer’s team who did the brilliant styling work. Right from the outfit selection process to deciding as to what will look nice on our girls, they helped with everything. Catch all the BTS action from the shoot in link below.

So, we decided to grab this opportunity to grab some styling tips for our fans for this upcoming wedding season. Read on and don’t miss sharing your love with us in comments 🙂 

First of all, we asked, on what basis they style a person and what are the factors that they keep in mind?

Every individual has a unique body type, body shape, and complexion. So, while styling a person, we understand all of these and try that only their unique features and qualities are highlighted. After that, we do an analysis as to what will make that person look elegant and comfortable. 

What are the Bridal styling tips for the upcoming wedding season?

This wedding season is raining with the love for pastels. Many brides are asking for pastels color preferences. So, brides, this season can opt for different hues of pink bridal lehenga and for winter brides, Velvet lehenga is the best choice. For styling a bride, we keep in mind their persona and personal choice. Styling a bride comes with a lot of responsibilities so we try to make her day extra special and memorable for sure. 

What advice you want to give to brides of different shapes (curvy, pear-shaped, skinny, hourglass) while choosing their wedding outfit? 

Choose your outfits keeping in mind the neckline, color that looks the best, comfort zone, height, the right slimming silhouette to pull off the look.

A wedding involves a lot of functions. So can you suggest some styling tips for every occasion?

First of all, outfit selection needs at most care. So, choose your outfit after understanding your body type and what will look best on you. Choosing the right outfit just not makes you look good but also, compliments your personality at every occasion. Mehendi is a happy ceremony, so for this occasion, you can surely go for pastel pink, sea green sharara.

Haldi ceremony embarks the beautiful start of wedding. So you can go for either pant style salvar and kurti or you can go for a light embroidery lehenga.

For the winter wedding, brides can choose dark colors like royal blue, classic red and magenta pink. For the pastel lovers, you can go for Rose pink as Pink is the new red.

Pastels are just In this wedding season, so how have you helped our bride in choosing her outfit?

We follow trends but again, trends come and go. What is more important is the client’s style persona and body type. We go ahead with whatever suits our client best, forming a balance between the trends and her comfort zone.

Easy and different dupatta drape styles can just do wonders. So, how have you styled Dupattas for this shoot? And what are your dupatta styling tips for our readers?

Draping of dupatta depends on a lot of factors such as the fabric, design of the dupatta, silhouette of the dress etc. The idea behind the draping dupatta for this shoot was to enhance the jewelry and the beautiful mirror work on the garments. The easy dupatta styles for this season are:
Freefall, single shoulder, and arm carry, around the neck, single shoulder fall, diagonal fall and cape style.

Last minute styling tips for bride-to-be this wedding season?

Comfort is the key. Make sure everything from the drape of dupatta to the hairstyle and makeup remains in your comfort zone. Remember it has to be carried for the entire day and choose the right accessories.

What according to you are must-haves for a bride’s bag?

Lip color, breath mints, wet tissues, hairspray, bobby pins, and some safety pins. These products are a MUST!

Hope you girls found these tips really useful. If you have more questions, do ask in comments. 

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