Makeup does little magic but smile does wonders-Shruti Sharma

On a not so hot day, when the sunlight was just perfect we started our much-awaited Bride and Bridesmaid shoot. The first thing that we had our eyes on was definitely the Makeup and Mehendi look! Like every bride is excited to see her makeup look, here we were all super excited to see what magic Shruti Sharma would create with her makeup brushes!!

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So, we bring you some of the latest and best Make-up trends and tips for the upcoming wedding season.

This shoot makeup looks were also planned in a very different way. As the theme for this Bride and Bridesmaid shoot was Mehendi look, so our lovely makeup artist Shruti Sharma had something really special in her mind. So, we are going to take you all on a Ride!!!

The Look Story- Shruti Sharma

As it was a Mehendi setup so our makeup artists decided to give our pretty girls a very light yet classy look. With the feel of joy everywhere and pastel love in the air. The makeup was kept subtle and classy. The bride was given a very rich look to enhance her beauty gracefully. 

Shruti Sharma’s suggestion for that perfect Mehendi look

Mehendi is one such ritual in the big fat Indian wedding which involves a lot of fun and happy moments so the makeup should also reflect that fun element. So, she tries to give every Mehendi look a little fun and poppy twist. 


Its all about being Natural

Talking about the trends, she says that a trend should make a Bride more comfortable rather than making her conscious of her looks. So, with this Bride and Bridesmaid shoot, she has conveyed just a message that a bride should always feel free. The makeup should look natural and with the skin rather being away from skin type and skin tone. When the makeup is synced with the skin type then it merges with the look and makes it just perfect. For the Bridesmaid, Shruti Sharma tried a blush pink look where their overall look was kept classy and comfy.

Her Magic with Hair

Keeping the hair of all bridesmaids different and playing with pretty curls. Our Makeup Artists and Hairstylist did real magic with bridal hair. She chose to keep our Bride’s hair graceful with all those cute curls at the end. With makeup and dress sparkling, she didn’t want to make the bride’s look over the top, so her hair was kept elegant. With bridesmaid hair, she had the opportunity to play with. So, she gave the bride’s sister one side pinned and another side open hair look. This made her look so beautiful. The best part of this hair-do was they were simple and they made our girls feel light not loaded with hair accessories. Bride’s friend was just so happy as she got to carry a very pretty bridal side bun. 

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