Karwa Chauth Special Tips for Ladies & For Their Hubby’s

Karwa Chauth festival is here! Karwa Chauth, a celebration in which all the beautiful ladies pray for their husband’s long life. If you want to see the Red color in bulk then this festival is at the peak! The ladies have all sorted from their outfits to their makeup. They know exactly what all they want on their special day. But then fasting the whole day is a great challenge. Shubh Muhurat is really important for the ladies and their husbands worry about their fasting.

Let’s see about the Shubh Muhurat & tips of before and after fasting. And especially for working women, As the first experience are the most adorable & memorable in life. First Karwa Chauth is special for the Hubby’s as well as they need to play for the gifts and take care of their lady love…!

Shubh Muhurat of 2018

Our Hindu festivals are famous for its particulars. All the traditions are followed by the Shubh Muhurat! Shubh Muhurat is really important. Every time all wait for the exact time and date to start the ritual. The timing of the Moon, when the fast is starting and all the small- small details. Let’s know about today’s Shubh Muhurat when the fast will be over for the beautiful ladies as such when the beautiful Moon will be seen.

Karwa Chauth Pooja will start from 5:48p.m and will end at 7:04p.m

Moon will rise at 8:15p.m

The Chaturthi  tithi of Karwa Chauth will start from 27th October at 6:37p.m and will end on 28th October at 4:54p.m.

Tips to Stay Fresh & Healthy during the Fast

Don’t over occupy your mind with work

Working in the state of fast will be really not cool! Avoid thinking about the assignments or the household work. Deep thinking is as well not good for the health at this time. Relax your mind and body, don’t exert your mind. The stress will take your energy away and this day you need your energy a lot.

Distract yourself by your own looks

Looking beautiful and appreciating yourself is the best way to be happy on that day. Look at yourself and realize how beautiful are you looking and feel free and relax. Managing to go to the parlor before the fast and trying new looks will make your fast more memorable. As you will feel a new energy from your looks.

Listen to the music

Being occupied on this day is the best way to stop thinking about food. Listen to your favourite tracks and take a nap. It will rejuvenate you and enhance your beauty. Till will keep you occupied and you will be in other thoughts. You will not exert yourself and body will automatically relax.

Pamper Your Love

This is surely for the hubby, as in this day to distract her from the hunger you should pamper her a lot. Buy her a surprise gift, make her feel special. Talk to her as she will feel really great at that moment. This will make her feel a lot more special.

Always be prepared for the side effects

Not eating or drinking for a long time will eventually lead to dizziness, headaches, and feeling of restlessness. You should be prepared beforehand for these situations. Keeping in mind and distracting yourself will not affect that much. 

After the Fast Tips

Hydrate yourself

After the fast its best to drink lemonade or some kind of juice before eating something. Hydrating yourself is really important and it will help you in gaining back your energy and you will be relaxed. Coconut water is the perfect way to hydrate yourself.

Don’t eat oily Foods

Never consume oily Foods after the fast, because as such you have not eaten anything and then directly consuming oily foods causes a lot of stomach problem. Eat fruits and simple foods which will make you feel rejuvenated.

Have a Great & marvelous Karwa Chauth, and remember the tips. Take care of your health & Hubby’s pamper your love as they are doing the most difficult yet beautiful thing for you!



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