Best Romantic couple dance songs

25 Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs!

As wedding season is around the corner, we bring to you the 25 Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs of all times. So express your love in a magical way by dancing on these romantic Bollywood songs and make your wedding dance memorable.
We all know that first wedding dance as a couple is so very important. It shows your beautiful bonding and coordination with your partner. So shouldn’t it be on the best romantic song that suits your love story? Right?

But, who has the time for searching that one love song that matches with your story. So, we have taken all the pains to compile the list of all-time most romantic Bollywood tracks that will make your cheeks go pink on the wedding! 
How Adorable! Aren’t we??

List of 25 Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs! Have a look…..

Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs | Best couple dance songs









1. First in our list is the most heart-melting song, Dil diyan Gallayan.



2. When the boy loves admiring your beauty, you are really lucky, the best song for you is……..

Enna Sona kyu rab ne bnaaya.. we know, we know you are blushing reading this.

3. Aae mere Humsafar, when your story has a fairytale setting, you must go for this song for sure. Give your first dance meaning with a song of promises. 
4. Nazm Nazm is a song for a very romantic couple who can dance and groove holding each other’s hands.
5. A very lovely song that is our personal favorite is Raabta. It’s lyrics and tune is perfect for the first wedding dance.
6. Tere sang yaara, another romantic number that makes you tell your bride that you love her the most.
7. Tera hone laga hun . Love is magical and that new magic in your life is because of your love. Dance to these tunes to tell the world that you are hers and she is yours forever and ever!
8. For the love at first sight couple, Pheli nazar mein kessa jaadu kardiya will be the best song to groove on and to make your love sealed forever!
Romantic Couple Songs | Couple dance songs | Couple dance | Romantic Hindi songs for couple dance
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9. When your classmate is going to be your life partner, you know you have to dance on Phela nasha song. This song tops the evergreen list of Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs in India.
10. Soniyo, a song that lets a groom tells his bride that he will be there for her always. A very romantic song which will be best performed in contemporary style. 
11. For the couple who love teasing each other, song Ban jaa tu meri rani is the best match. 
Romantic Couple Songs | Couple dance songs | Couple dance | Romantic Hindi songs for couple dance
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12. For that filmy couple who loves Shahrukh Khan, Zaalima song is the best song for them. Groove to the beats of Zaalima and show your love to the world. 
13. Tu mera Boyfriend, main teri girlfriend, a perfect song for a couple dance as its the best way to tell the world that now she is my wife and life!
14. Ishq vala Love song is a perfect match for those lovebirds who are just into each other, so much that they look into each other’s eyes and dream about their future. 
15. Sau Asmaano ko todh kar aayi tere pass, a girl who loves flirting with his soul partner should definitely choose this song to express her love in a different way.
16. On number 16, we have a very special song that is not just romantic but very beautiful in terms of its meaning. Jasa hai koi Ik Taara, a song that makes you dream and live that dream beautifully. 
17.  Chahun mein yaa naa, a song that is a love anthem since its launch is best for a romantic ball dance which will make everyone fall in love with you both. 
Romantic Songs | Couple dance songs | Couple dance | Romantic Hindi songs for couple dance
18. Dheere Dheere se meri Zindagi mein aana, a song that officially welcomes the bride to a new and more beautiful world that groom has created just for her. 
19. Piya O Re Piya, for that happy couple who just love each other’s little-little things and adore each other like anything. 
20. Zara Si dil me de jagah tu, a perfect song to which groom can surely tell his bride that he loves her like anything and he would love to have this feeling forever. 
21. Tum se hi, a very beautiful song which tells a story of a lifetime. So, the bride-to-be can choose this song to groove with her partner and start their magical journey called-Life!
Romantic Couple Songs | Couple dance songs | Couple dance | Best Bollywood Songs
22. Mast Magaan . Arjit Singh’s songs are generally very romantic.  If a couple chooses to dance on this song, it will create a very magical ambiance, the beauty of which can just be felt not seen. That’s why it’s a must entry in Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs list of all times!
23. When you both love enjoying the moment and dreaming for the beautiful tomorrow. The song Subhanallah is the best couple song for you. 
24. Jeene laga hun A song that makes you fall in love with your partner again and again. Choose this song to perform a very graceful dance on your sangeet night. 
25.  Main Rang Sharbaton ka, a song that fits for a couple who are the exact opposite to each other and are in love like anything. 
So, hope you find our curated list of Best Romantic Couple Dance Songs truly romantic and helpful.
Do tell us in the comments sections, which romantic couple dance song you will choose for your wedding and why? Tell us your views on this blog and stay tuned for more ideas and trends.
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