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New Wedding Decor Ideas for 2018 wedding season

Are you a couple who just love experimenting with new trends/ideas? And you want to do the same with your Wedding. Well, this article gonna be one of your favourites. Today, we have listed different colour palettes for Wedding decor for season 2018. This will make your wedding super stylish, remarkable and lavish. Wedding decor is all about the combination of materials, different colours and palettes.

Come! Lets hunt for your best palette…

Let’s start with Pantone colour of 2018, yes we’re talking about UltraViolet…

Decor by Atisuto Events

Yes, guys! You heard it right. Ultraviolet is the colour of the season 2018. Isn’t this unique from all the basic colours which we use for wedding decor? If you’re someone who just loves experimenting latest trends so here you go…

We’re sure it’s going to be your first preference…

Pretty Pink/Orange Wedding Decor

Picture by Beginnings For You

Everyone knows pink and orange are basic colours but pink and orange pastels are the new blacks. They look so soothing and decent and adds a charm and grace to the whole wedding decor.

White always slay

Picture by ShutterDown Photography

Our ancestors say that we shouldn’t use white in an Indian Wedding but this is a myth. White is a colour of peace and at the same time when it gets mixed with different colours, it just leaves a wow and scintillating experience.

So why not use White as your theme wedding decor colour? White always looks super classic and chic. So, if you’re someone who is in the hunt for classic colour then, this is it!

Something Peach

Picture by Dot Dusk Studio

The peach colour is as sweet as the peach fruit, isn’t it?

It goes perfectly with the wedding decor. There are around thousands of bride/groom who have opted for peach as their Wedding theme. It just look so surreal when get combined with the right materials, colours and fabrics.

The Turquoise

 Decor by The Wedding Designers

We have always seen turquoise colour in wedding decor as a prop but using this colour as a theme is quite vibrant.

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