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There is not one, but countless reasons to get a pre wedding shoot. Some may regard pre wedding shoot as the rehearsal for actual wedding shoot, but in reality, a pre wedding shoot is a fancy excuse to spend more time with your loved one at your favourite location. The cheesy, romantic, innovative, and fun pictures captured by professional photographers are like cherries on the cake. After All, who doesn’t like to eat the cake before the wedding? What if we tell you, you can get this cake for free?

Hold your horses, please!!!

Hitting the first significant milestone of 100K followers on Instagram, Eventila team wanted to climb rest of the stepping stones to success with you. So, we decided to give one lucky couple a free pre wedding shoot, your free cake. The campaigns to make this fairytale affair a success was rolled out in mid of April. We calmed down your anticipation and declared the winners at the End of May.

For all the pictures from the shoot, head HERE.

Meet the winners

pre wedding shoot

Abhinav Dixit and his beloved Dhwani Tiwari.

The gentleman is working in Amritsar, and his lady love is from Ahmedabad. Yes, you are wondering right, they are a long distance couple who will be engaged soon. Yes, guys, long-distance romance can be grinding, yet special. No wonder these two were not able to meet since 4-5 months and our shoot gave them a heavenly chance along with the perfect reason to meet each other just before their engagement and share quality time with each other.

pre wedding shoot

We collaborated with our fantastic partners and arranged the photo-shoot on 29th of May 2018 in Delhi. To make this shoot a success, the lovely bride-to-be flew down from Ahmedabad, and her boo came from Amritsar. Guess what? Abhinav planned the entire travel for her lady love. These two lovebirds were already giving some major couple goals to us.

Everything can’t be sugar and spice. So, the day the shoot happened, it was terribly hot in Delhi. To everything smooth and pleasant, we planned the shoot to happen in the early morning.

pre wedding shoot

The infectious energy of the couple and their positive attitude made everything like a cake-walk. You might be wondering how these two cuties met. You don’t need to bite your nails, because Abhinav and Dhwani narrated to us their “Jab We Met” Story.

How These Love-Birds Met

pre wedding shoot

Ours was an arranged first meeting with our parents.

Abhinav hails from Agra, but then his parents have shifted to Ahmedabad. Abhinav was not keen on getting married to just anyone. When his parents asked him to meet me on one of his vacations to Ahmedabad, he agreed. My parents bluffed me to meet him, by saying we are going to dinner. After the meeting, I said ‘No,’ but Abhinav got a liking for me. He asked me to be his friend, and then from a girl who said a big no to marrying this guy, Abhinav eventually convinced and impressed me to marry him. 

pre wedding shoot

These two are old-school at heart, and even if their parents arranged their marriage, they fell in love in the most unorthodox style. These darlings are getting engaged on 15th of June in Ahmedabad, and have decided to exchange their vows in the city of romance and fairy-tale weddings, in Udaipur in February next year. Guys? Are you taking notes for your pre wedding shoot idea?

pre wedding shootpre wedding shoot

If you guys need any more reasons to get a pre wedding shoot, then Abhinav and Dhwani are giving you one. In response to our question that why this pre wedding shoot is important to you, we got the sweetest reply. The couple told us,

“We really want to win this shoot and want to create our own sweet memories for life and cherish these moments being nostalgic in future and create our small love story.”

The part where this couple is giving us the token of thanks is even sweeter.

In their very own words, here is what they said,

“Dreams do come true, Thanks to Eventila for making them happen. Me belonging to an R&D (Research and development) background and My spouse being a govt officer were like two opposite people. But as it is said that opposites attract. From impromptu dinner and not getting convinced for marriage, to ending up becoming life partner we came a long way. By a sudden pop up on Instagram and me filling the form never thought that we would come such a long way. Would like to thank Eventila for selecting us and giving us this opportunity. Thank you Ankurjofficial for the amazing outfits. Thanks to mua_priyankasingh for the beautiful makeup that complimented our dresses. We would like to thank Shashank Images for making our memories by clicking pictures. We cannot thank enough to Eventila and especially Deepti for day to day communication and for the wonderful shoot and giving us an opportunity to be a part of a pre wedding shoot. We really had an amazing experience at Location Camera Action where the event took place, apologies for being late. Gratitude won’t be enough to express what we feel thanks a lot to each and every member of Eventila for the wonderful memory.”

pre wedding shootpre wedding shoot

Well, their love-story is sweet and simple beyond comprehension. The couple shoot completely resonated with their personalities. All this would have been nearly impossible without our collaborating partners.

A loud shout-out to Priyanka Singh who collaborated with us for Makeup and hair. Priyanka is a Delhi based professional MUA certified from the leading makeup schools in London and Mumbai. She specializes in beautiful bespoke Bridal Makeovers. Perfection is what she strives for and loves to be on trend always. She loves to travel and takes up assignments all across the world.

pre wedding shoot

A special thanks to  Shashank Images who collaborated with us for the pre wedding shoot. He is a fashion and wedding photographer based in New Delhi India. His work has been described as Classic, romantic and clean. These are three qualities that make up a perfect image and Shashank nails it every time.

A sincere thanks to Ankur J  who helped us on picking dressing for the shoot. He is all about intricately rich hand embroidered outfits and handcrafted with love for your wedding and party needs.

A very special mention to our Pre Wedding Location partner Location Camera Action, without whom all this would have remained just a dream!

You can check our video of the pre wedding shoot event here:

So, this was all about our first giveaway of pre wedding shoot. We were excited and delighted in pulling off this fancy affair, and so was our cute couple. 

The Entire Team that made the pre wedding shoot happen :pre wedding shoot

Stay tuned for new stories coming up super soon! And tell us all in comments, how you feel about this one!

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