Quirky Food Station Ideas for your Wedding!

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What attracts most in an Indian Wedding? Ummmmm… Luscious and Presentable food. The major thing which everybody notices and remembers from the wedding is the taste of food and how it is was showcased. The 50% success of an Indian Wedding ceremony totally relies on Grand and Sumptuous food, here is a list of Quirkiest food station ideas.

Weddings are all about Sosha Baaji and setting up new trends. So adding some Exotic and Eccentric food station ideas to make your wedding catering different and opulent. To three cheers to making your Wedding fancy and yummy!

1. Refreshing Welcome Drink Station


The first impression is the last impression. Adding a tempting and beautifully established Welcome Drink station with some refreshing drinks is a wonderful way for showcasing.

3. Desi Indian Styled Food Station

4. Salsa & Salad Bar



A fresh and go green food station that guests can enjoy as a complimentary side and with the main course too and definitely it’s a great appetizer.

5. A Taco Bar



A Taco Bar is a great way to inject fun and colour into your Indian wedding. It can be the main course or a late night snack. They can be uber gourmet or simply authentic.


Plan on adding innovative catering counters at different occasions of your wedding and make it an affair to remember with its delectable presentation! Book your catering from here.


“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” —A lan D. Wolfelt


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