A Poochie Poochie Pre wedding shoot!

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Some love stories are simply Perfect.

Meet our Adorable couple Anirudh and Aprajita and their Cutest Poochie.


From Ankit Mishra (Amish Photography)

The couple wanted a real quick pre-wedding shoot with their poochie primarily for the save the date. The shoot was done in less than an hour and we are glad it has some really heartwarming pictures.
Let’s have a glimpse of their heartwarming story and shoot.
 Often the most beautiful things in life come around most unexpectedly. Such is their story.

From Anirudh & Aprajita

Busy with the hustle bustle of our residency, we saw each other for the first time in the hospital corridors. Fast forward a few months, and we had stolen hundreds of glances of each other; our eyes had always met, and always given away each other’s secret.
We first met at a mutual friend’s party and it was that quiet moonlight winter night on the terrace that has shaped our relationship forever. Ever since that day, our lives were on a roll with dinner dates, long drives and late night conversations with silences that were never awkward. We were falling more for each other with each passing day.
For the last two years, we’ve been by each other’s side and support. There were difficult moments, but we knew we wanted nothing less than each other and finally, things turned out way better than either of us had ever expected. Our relationship has shown us that when love is your guide, things have a way of falling into place. We’ve both moulded each other for the better, into pieces that fit perfectly together and complete each other.
As we are going to enter the marital bliss, we pledge of togetherness for a lifetime, and are grateful to our families for being a part of our journey. We are super excited to grow old and see the world with each other!
Their story is nothing less than a Fantasy and definitely the Cutest as their poochie adds magic to their dreamy Pre-wedding shoot.
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