Top 15 Pre-wedding photographers in Delhi NCR Under 75K

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Once the date is finalised for your special day, your wedding gets official. Now-a-days, very couple want to make every moment count, right from Day One to the day they start sharing space together and create infinite memories that they can cherish and adore for a lifetime, This is where Pre Wedding Photographer Comes in.

Pre-wedding photography is the new craze and the most trendiest fashion in the wedding industry. Most couple these days are looking for unique pre-wed ideas to truly capture their bond, chemistry, romance,  equation and are ofcourse searching for the right photographer who can creatively narrate their tale of love with their lens.

Well, we have got you covered! Team Eventila has shortlisted some of the best Pre wedding photographer in Delhi NCR who have their own signature style of photography and can create magic from their lens. To top it all, these Pre wedding photographer will not dig a hole in your pocket and are among some of the most coolest team to work with.

1) Naman Verma Photography

If you want to get the best of unsaid, untold romance captured then Naman is the best person to go to. He is probably that kind of candid photographer who silently captures the story of love. Probably that’s the reason why his every couple-shot speaks for itself and are beyond words

Explore his events and book here

2) Weddings by Knotty Days

This team aces all types of pre-wedding photography – lifestyle, travel, posing drama etc and are among some of the finest renowned photography brands in India. Connect with them to get the right moments clicked in ways that could be played out time and again!

Checkout their work and book here

3) Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Looking for a talented storyteller to visually narrate your bond of love? Well then, Avnish is the best pick. He is an artistic storyteller and believes in exploring a new style with each new project. So if you have a quirky new idea, you probably know whom to connect and discuss.

Click to explore his work and raise booking query here

4) White Frog Productions

If you are looking for some finest work and videography, the White Frog team leads the pack. They not only add creativity and innovation to the real stories of the couple but have a keen eye for capturing the best couple moments. You can share your likes, dislikes, ideas with them and they will help craft the most vivid stylish concept for you. Don’t believe us? Connect with them and checkout how .

Click to explore their work and book at great deals here

5) Film My Story

Specialized in Candid Storytelling, Film My Story has a style of photography, which will leave you smiling and missing the moment every time you flip back and see your pre-wedding pictures.  They are extremely talented in freezing your best unforgettable candid moments in to pictures.

Raise query for this photographer here

6) Safarnama Films

Safarnama films is probably someone who makes your wedding journey worthwhile. They will add magic to your love and a create a unique “ever after” experience! Connect with them if you are looking for both magical photoshoot and jaw-dropping pre-wedding videos.

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7) Shaadi OK Please

Searching for someone who can immortalise your special moments
Here you go! Shaadiokplease is the best option to help capture your cherished moments. So for those perfect forever memories, you know whom to talk to.

Click to explore their work and book at great deals here

8) Infinite Memories

This team is gifted at capturing the best of today to look back and cherish tomorrow. They not just capture smiles but the stories and souls behind those best of life’s moment.

Click here to raise query for this photographer

9) SL Art Production

Sl art production has an inherent talent to completely understand client’s perspective and so they put in the best of energy to capture soulful, breathtaking moments.

Click to explore their work and book here

10) Delhi Velvet

For breathtaking pictures, this team is the best bet. The team will leave no stones unturned to capture the best of the couple moments. That’s why their work has taken the industry by storm and is being appreciated by one and all in the industry.

Click here to raise query for this photographer

11) Mani Sharma Photography

Mani Sharma is probably the only budget Pre Wedding photographer who is an expert in capturing the love and fun moments alike. His lenses will not only capture the emotions, drama, romance between the couple but will secretly capture the spark when you bond with each other. His team loves to capture everything in and around pre-wedding and wedding.

Check out these events and book here

12) Abhisakshi Photography

You are bound to get mesmerized with their work. AbhiSakshi Photography excels in freezing the moments in vivid frames, which would make you go weak on the knees every time you take a trip down your memory lanes.

Explore more their work and book here

13) Plush Affairs

This team of enthusiast and passionate pre wedding photographer are an expert in capturing the ebullience, the joviality and the chemistry of a couple’s equation to create eternal memories. They are probably the ones to go to, if you want to get larger than life images from your pre-wedding and wedding story!

Checkout their pre-wedding work and book here

14) We don’t say Cheese

Well they really don’t say cheese but will help bring out the best of you and your relationship! An expert at capturing emotions and making even the novice camera friendly. This team is sure to win your hearts with their work and attitude.

Explore more of their work and book here

15) Amish Photography

If you are not looking for something too lavish yet something to remain close to heart, Amish Photography is the obvious choice. They will calmly capture the sweet natural moments and gestures that make a bond go from ordinary to special. They will playfully capture the best of moments and expressions and are always approachable for any questions.

Explore their work and book them here
Just connect with these pre wedding photographer for living your dreamy Pre-wedding shoot and make it a forever and unbeatable experience of your Wedding!

If you still are confused and have a pre-wedding idea / query, connect with us. Ask us anything at our whatsapp no 9711411422 or leave your query here!


Author: Deepti Prasad

Disclaimer: It is not a paid promotion. Views are personal and based on vendor popularity, quality of work and value for money.

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