Should you have a “Save the date” video?

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Confused about having a ‘Save the Date‘ video for your wedding?

Save the Date videos are an interesting and interactive way to announce your wedding to your family and friends. It’s a great way to showcase your personality as a couple and introduce your would-be partner to everyone before the wedding. It is also one of a great excuse to spend some entertaining time with your partner 😉

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Save the date videos can be animated, in a presentation form or you can hire a prewed / wedding videographer to add some cinematic touch and beauty to it.Perfect

Here are some points which you consider.

  1. Cost Effective
    A ‘Save the Date’ video can be cost effective. If you are hiring a photographer for the whole wedding and prewedding services, most of them would be happy to offer a ‘Save the Date’ video as a complimentary service. Make sure, to enquire and cut a deal when you are hiring your wedding photographer!
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  2. Easier and Quicker to Send
    Save the date videos are faster to send than the paper invites. You can send the video via Mail, WhatsApp or by any other engaging social site. It reaches the receiver within seconds. You can even share and feature it on your social media page to help spread the message and to collect all the wedding wishes online.
  3. Smartest way to remind your guests
    This may sound like a no-brainer, but we wouldn’t want you to forget! Tell friends the date of your wedding so they can mark it on their calendars and be there at your wedding.

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  1. An Unforgettable Memory for a Lifetime
    Your wedding is your lifetime memory. Pictures and videos are something which will remain with you forever. So why not to go for something like this and spend some crazy and romantic time with your partner in crime?

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  1. Trendsetting
    Save the date videos are so trendy these days. If you would love to make your wedding remarkable and contemporary, just go for it. You can also get it featured on social media pages and online wedding portal like ours and cherish it for a lifetime! Do we need to mention, that you can flaunt it to your friends, family and close associates and enjoy all the popularity and love?

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Don’t just let your wedding pass by! Just go for your Save your date video!

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