We were meant to be Together – Dheeraj and Priyanka

That’s how Dheeraj describes the love of his life Priyanka.

Meet the uberly romantic couple Dheeraj and Priyanka

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Accordingly to Dheeraj, “You just know it when you meet THE ONE. That’s all I have believed since my childhood”.

Even as a boy, I always had wished for such a fairytale serendipity with my would be wife. No violins playing in the background or atypical meet as portrayed in movies, but I always believed your heart gives you a signal when you meet your princess”.

I always dreamt of bumping into my Princess, falling in love and having a dreamy affair just like in romantic movies. Arranged marriage was so not my thing! My parents were okay with arranged or love marriage as long as I got married!

To escape the marriage bug I first fled from my hometown and then would keep myself busy with business travels to escape repeated pleas from parents. But not for long!

I came across my Princess Profiles during Diwali holidays last year. And somehow, couldn’t resist the temptation to meet her personally. Late Jan this year, an arranged date was set up with core Family.

And when we sat together, I knew she was the one. I just couldn’t say / ask anything. I was just looking at her with a broad smile.

I had checked up her social profile beforehand. But Priyanka, being totally unaware of this planned meeting was taken by surprise. Her parents had not revealed our meeting to her beforehand and so she was not prepared to get hitched at all.

Priyanka and Dheeraj got engaged a day after the meeting and the wedding was scheduled in November. It was a long courtship period for them. They fell in love, fought like kids and grew their bond deeper.

Dheeraj says, “She is like a fairy tale princess with wonderful dreams, spunk like a little girl. I was meant to be with her. Destiny brought us together and made us close to each other as ONE soul. Now we both live and breathe in each other”

Such a cute and romantic story!! Explore their Oh-So-Cute Pre-wedding that is filled with romance and everything that every girl fantasizes about.

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Photography Amish Photography

Photoshoot Location: Picture Destination (Click to explore events at this venue)

Makeup Artist: Sapna thakur Sharma

Stylist: Shaan

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