Unique Mehendi Backdrop Decor Ideas to Steal for your Wedding

Mehendi day backdrops are undoubtedly an automated attention grabbing set-up that defines your mehendi day celebrations. These beautiful decors add on a special kind of grace to the bride. In fact, the moment your eye locks in with these majestic artistic beauties, it actually brings a festive feeling to your mind. For a couple of seconds, the mind will grab all the data in and starts searching for a perfect angle to click a picture.

Starting from the artistic props to the funky swings, the decoration agents literally creates a feat to the eyes with whatever and wherever possible.

But then again, selecting a perfect idea and theme is important to compliment your look of the day and add personality to your mehendi decor!  

Here’s a set of interesting backdrop decor ideas to choose from to leave your guests awestruck!

The Perfect pink

These shades of pink is an exquisite attention grabber. It’s impossible not to take a photo with this background.

Source: The Wedding Designers Source: The Wedding Planning Company
Source: Naked Eye Wedding

The Funky Swag

You do not need a single shade of colour to make it look perfect, a multicoloured theme like this is way lit as flowers.

Source: Monalia Designs

The Royal Touch

Of course, the decorating the cart and umbrellas never go out of style.
They are evergreen beauties.

Source: The Wedding Designers

The Blooming Blue

This blue hue can leave you expressionless for a considerable amount of dreamy time.

Source: The Wedding Designers

The Glorious Florals

Floral designs, super cute pillows and clean cushion. That’s all it takes for something exceptional.

Source: Anchalaurora

Jaw-dropping orange

These shade of floral orange is a jaw-dropping idea. It could be the colours or the flowers or everything.

Source: Studiolensart

Source: Navdeep Soni

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