Black and White is the Hottest Wedding Trend now

The amount of people getting their wedding photoshoot covered in a royal black and white theme is considerably high, and the hype is steeping like anything now.

Starting from pre-wedding to post wedding, the royal black and white theme has taken the elegant wedding photoshoot to a next level, where the drooling action is triggered instantaneously.

( Even the new iPhone is available in a Jet-black. Pft..)

Here’s a list of wedding photoshoot ideas to watch out for

The Royal Setting 

Such elegance, such love, much wow.

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Source: Morvi Images

Pitch Black Boom

This elegant pitch black theme doesn’t settle nor does it hustle.

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The Nature Lovers

No matter what you do, the mother nature and a beautiful bride can never match the man made structures.

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The Close-up Lovebirds 

This ever-romantic photo shoot never gets old.

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And Then There Were None

These set of images speaks, laughs and tweets for itself.

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Like they say, ‘ Once You Go Black You Can’t Go Back’.

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