5 Innovative ‘Save The Date’ ideas for your wedding

It’s almost impossible to skip a wedding after you watch a couple paragliding with their wedding date.

If you’re still wondering why would anyone do such a thing, then my friend, you need to open up your eyes to the kind of bizarre things people would do to make their wedding date THE BEST ONE EVER.

But then again,

Paragliding or shooting up a jet isn’t always the best possible option in building up people’s curiosity factor.

There are other ways to do so.

Here’s a list of best possible ‘Save The Date’ ideas you can try.

For the love of shoes and gowns

Source: Shutter down

This wedding had many interesting implementable DIY ideas for personalising the wedding. Click and get Inspired!

Shoes and gowns are undoubtedly the wardrobe hotshots and if you can work on them like the ones above, there’s nothing more mystical than this visual ecstasy.

  Old School Theme

Source: Pixel fill

Click here to see this interesting concept pre-wed video

Maybe this one was too literal. But who doesn’t fancy a good classroom picture?(Where everything started – maybe for some of us)

Let our favourite mammal do the talking

Source:  Lumiere Wedding Company

Let it be a mighty elephant, a camel, doggo, cat or even a giraffe, these super cute mammals can make almost everything a bliss.

Source: Webster Weddings

The Balloon Package

Source: White Knot

Balloons can give a festive feel to anything and everything. These amazing inflatable packages of happiness can work in numerous ways in lieu to your imagination

Mystery Pack

Source:  Kellen studio

Create a super mystery pack for the people and let the Sherlock in you do the talking. There are countless possibilities for this method. ( Of course, you would know how to Sher-Lock someone)

A Henna Story

Source: Banga studios

They say if you know the ways of Designing with Henna, you’re next to a magician.   (This priceless Indian tattoo is worth experimenting)

Choose wisely 😛

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