Jim Corbett to make the BIG WEDDING DAY much bigger.

The perfect wedding destination doesn’t exist…
Now that’s exactly what one would think before considering Jim Corbett National Park as their wedding destination.

                                   Source: Candid Tales (Click to book and explore work)

Of course,
You can ALWAYS choose a palace with a big fat feast, adrenaline filled orchestra or guards with a footlong moustache.  But nowadays, that too is mainstream.

The question is,
Have you ever thought about hosting a wedding in a national park, where the naive nature witnesses the bonding of bride and groom?

And not just any national park. It’s the mighty, Jim Corbett National Park
( with 500+ kms of land and riverine area sheltering 488 different species of plants, 50 varieties of mammals, 580 birds species, 52 reptiles species and a weather that would romanticise you, every god damn time + The park is equipped with numerous resorts, those can offer an unequal royal service with the goodness of nature).

      Source: The Wedding Planning Company ; Photo: The Wedding Conteurs
                     Click to see this Pashyanti & Sahil colorful wedding   

If you’re still wondering why should you choose Jim Corbett National Park, please find the data prepared for the community of nerds.

Ride with the Mightiest Mammal on Earth
Source: Going Bananas Photography

Source: The Wedding Planning Company

Explore the exquisites of the wilderness with the biggest land mammal.
( Pft…Take that palace wedding people. You’ll never be as cool as a bride/groom on an elephant )

Jungle Safari and Water Rafting

                                      Source: Going Bananas Photography 

                                                  Source: Hitesh Shivnani
                                                   Source: MakemyTrip

Speeding roofless coupés with flowers and ribbons might be cool, but it will never be as cool as speeding in a jungle safari, riddling through the pavements of a wild forest or rafting against the wild current.
( However, clicking wedding photos with tigers won’t be appreciated 😛 )

Corbett Waterfall + Villages

                                                   Source: Outlook India                                                       Source: Photoshastra

                           Source: Memento Of Shades Photography
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The waterfalls and the villages will guarantee a picture perfect hot spot for your wedding album/video.

The Wedding + Setting

          Source: Going Bananas Photography, The Wedding Planning Company
              Take clu
es from this magical fun wedding of Vriti and Kapil here

An exotic wedding demands an exotic setting and that’s exactly why you’ll find numerous picture perfect resorts here. Let it be an indoor/open wedding, these magical resorts have plenty of space to fill in your needs and heart with food varieties ranging from east to west.

           Source: The Wedding Planning Company, The Wedding Conteurs

Source: Mani Sharma Photografy Decor Inch Perfecto
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Commutation and accommodation

Source: Diwas.in

Corbett national park is approximately 246 kms from Delhi and can be reached either by train or road.

There are numerous resorts but Riverside Retreat seems to be the most favourite of all. Each of these resorts can hold up to 250 guests. So, if there are more guests, there’s always a friendly resort nearby, waiting for you.

We have compiled a list of most trending beautiful Jim Corbett weddings. Click to explore and take clues.

Authors note:
Please see that you book the resort and settings accordingly, preferably before 6 months.

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