Hot trends for your Crowning Glory: The Hair!

Brides and Bridesmaids, Mommas and Sistas gear up for some hot style Inspirations for Hairstyles this wedding season! Doesn’t matter which dress you wear, your hair is what adorns your crown… Make sure you leave the guys gasping for air!

Here’s a compilation of the hottest folks in town setting major Hair Goals!

There is one hairstyle which never goes out of fashion and that is the quintessential Jooda. While many options are available to glam it up, the best thing you can do is keep it simple and classy and not too huge. Check out this Gorgeous Indian Bridal jooda which can be sported by all ages!hair-1Courtesy: MineForeverApp

Nothing can beat the Deccan charm… From beautiful landscapes to beautiful women, South India is blessed with gorgeous women. Check out this beautiful south Indian braid hairstyle complete with gold and floral adornments.seema-vjrejaniCourtesy: seemavjerajani

If you are a curly haired goddess, who feels her hair is a Goddamn issue, check out this subtle look. A pretty hair accessory adds to the magic of beautiful curls.curly-hairCourtesy: leahneppe

This beautiful loose curls and flower arrangement is giving the beautiful bride a classic feminine glam. Brides can go for this look on the Reception or even Cocktail nights!hair-2Courtesy: MineForeverApp

Ambika Pillai has dressed up the who’s who of Bollywood and her hair styles are spot on. Check out this hot jooda and rose look fit for not just the bride but also for her mum!ambika-pillai-001Courtesy: ambika_pillai

Ditching old choti and jooda hairstyles is the hottest new trend for the uber-chic bride. To add the videsi charm to your look, check out this Messy Braid, with a cute little flower arrangement to make your day!whatsapp-image-2016-11-29-at-12-32-46-pmCourtesy: HappyFrames

Dainty little things stuck to your hair makes for the cutest decorations. This Messy Hair-do gives you a fresh and radiant appeal through floral accessories to give you a dreamy look!whatsapp-image-2016-11-29-at-12-29-07-pmCourtesy: HappyFrames

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