Major Goals for the “Hottest” Couple Pre – Wed shoots… Ever!

Wedding is the time when you need to put your best foot forward! And what better way than Pictures to communicate all the excitement for your happily ever after!

Pictures speak louder than words, which is why the Millennials are all for Hot, Enviable Photoshoots, complete with fairytale background settings, Bollywood style props and clothes fit for Kings and Queens!

Check out some captivating Shots of our very own Hot Jodis who are setting the frames on fire…

Just when you thought clichéd Eye gazing pictures were a thing of the past , we bring to you this breathtakingly fresh rendition of *LovinglyGazingIntoYourBaeEyes* picture! This tramp Set-up is what adds magic to this.


This couple is totally giving us a True Blue Royal Vibe, complete with the Stallion!couple-3Tip: Using Props are the IN thing! From elaborate structures to this handsome animal, these work like a charm!

And if you thought that the chemistry between the two of you couldn’t get any Hotter, Thank your lucky stars for this Bonfire Shoot Idea!6This Picture speaks of Love, Music and warmth! Night Photoshoots are “THE” thing People!

Giving us some major Photoshoot destination goals is this couple who effortlessly blend in with the Greece Village like background, complete with a pair of classy outfits and complimentary Flowers lending color to the scenery…!couple-2PS: So what if you can’t go to Greece for a destination wedding, your photographer can bring Santorini here for you! All you need is a rustic setting, a clear sky and pop background colors!

Thank this clever picture for introducing us to a whole new world of Silhouettes and Shadows. This picture uses lights as canvas to tell the story of passion in not so many words!couple-4BTW, you need one amazing shot like this one for the post-shadi Cover Pic!

Our ordinary couples are setting extraordinary Photoshoot Goals that will leave you tempted to get one for yourself! Also Girls, this Taxi is what will set you apart from your friends who are driven by their men in Limos! Tell them who the Boss in your Love Story is!couple-5


Pictures Courtesy:  Click My Dreams  and  Storyweavers. 

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