Demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes: Impact on Event Industry

Two things happened on 9/11, not 15 years ago, but today- Donald Trump was declared the POTUS and our very own Pradhan Mantri launched a Nationwide ban on 500 and 1000 Rupees Notes- to fight corruption, of course!

Totally ignoring the 1st Monumental mishap, our focus is entirely on the sad memory of 500 and 1000 ka patta. This meme is the inspiration for this blog:


Let us take a look at how the things will unfold in the next few months with all the currency ban marring our celebrations!

Expect More Gifts:

Straight outta the head, I believe you will get more stuff to recycle next wedding season. Just Kidding! No seriously be prepared to be showered with gifts instead of envelopes this wedding season. And yes if you do get a 1001 bucks tucked safely in an envelope, you know who your well-wishers are.

Tip: Help your clients embrace the novelty of Gift Cards!

Celebration Woes:

Imagine having to make payments for gendas and mogras only via online payments! Thank your lucky stars that with internet on the go, and advancement you can tie up with local vendors, jewelers and suppliers who offer online transactions.

Tip: Streamline the process for your clients by channeling Online Payments smoothly. After all Debit and Credit Cards are the rage!

Delayed Payments:

The Events industry is deemed to take a major setback with a chain reaction due unavailability of the highest currencies. Imagine the faces of the Caterers, the Florists, The Lights and Tent house people, and telling them that the payments have been awfully delayed!

Our Take: 

Well there is always a silver lining when it comes to us Indians, because Hey! Time is Money and by Money we mean the Online Alternatives which will help build credibility on Online Event Planning and Management exposing people to the E-businesses and help build everlasting bonds between people, businesses and Hearts!

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