Some ‘Hatke’ Mandap Decorations for your Big Day

A Hindu Marriage is not complete without the Mandaps, the heart of the venue, the place where relationships are solemnized! Flipping through your parent’s wedding albums, searching for the traditional mandap decoration inspirations, you might find elaborate ones with flowers and tents. But that is not what we, the Uber-Chic couples look for when we envision our 7 pheras! No. We want the zing and the quirk to show in the mandap décor. We so want to mix our desi and the modern! Let us look at some amazing ideas for the Mandap Decoration that you can use this season to add glamour to your wedding extravaganza!

The Moroccan Mandap:

For those who loved Magic Lamps and Mystics and Crystal Balls and of course Belly Dance while growing up, this mandap is right up your alley!


The Campfire Mandap:

Well this one is more of a Camping Tent, than a Mandap but its speciality is the fact that it is so natural, so simplistic and yet so alluring! This one is for the Adventurers!


The Pyramid Mandap:

Just like the pyramid is an essence of symmetry and perfection, this mandap decoration is an idea that will leave the guests in awe of the minimalistic yet charming design!


The Lantern Mandap:

Who doesn’t like Lights and Glitter all year round? Well we for ones love it absolutely. A mandap decorated with lanterns of joy and taking vows beneath it!! What more can you ask for!!


The Old-wine-in-a-new-bottle Mandap:

While there are many design ideas that seem out of this world, you might somehow fall in love with mom and dad’s flower mandap, the traditional elaborate one! What’s different is the setting of flowers to give it a refreshing change. Check out this charming mandap decoration idea by Bud and Bloom.


The Fairytale Mandap:

Remember the peonies and the roses that the fabled princesses used to love? The pinks and the pastels in this mandap with the perfect blooms of the season, make this mandap décor ideal for celebrating your fairytale romance!


The Victorian Mandap:

Inspired by aristocrats and of course SRK’s Mannat, this Mandap is for those who love ornate gilded fixture and want to add the elegant bling to their decorations!


The Rustic Mandap:

This close to nature mandap decoration is a huge shout-out to the bounties of Mother Nature. This is elegance in its elemental form, adorned by flowers and drapes under the blue sky!


The Rajasthani Mandap:

This desi spin off of your traditional drapes and tents, boasts of vibrant Indian Colors. Akin to the joyous Rajasthani culture, this Mandap is fit for Kings!








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