4 Hatke Destination Wedding Locations that will add Oomph to your Big Day!!

With celebrities opting for palaces to celebrate their Love with grandeur, why should you and I be left behind? If you are planning on spending those big bucks on the best banquet in town, Save It! First check out these amazing locations where you can have a wedding that your guests would never forget.

The Arabian Feast:

I loved reading Arabian Nights as a kid and I am sure you loved it too. The mysticism, the charm and the royalty that Arab exudes is what makes it a favorite destination for weddings. Plan a desert wedding, away from all the city chatter and treat your guests to a desert safari and stay-in at breezy cabanas!



The Bollywood Way:

With celebs choosing royal Indian palaces and movies showcasing the sheer indulgence in a destination wedding at majestic forts, one is sure to get awe-inspired. Suggest your mom and dad to go minimal on all the jewellery and go big on the venue!



The Cruise Wedding:

With the masses like us working hard and saving up, cruises are becoming less of a dream and more of a do-able affair. Imagine the waves sloshing around you while you take your vows and just think of all the satisfied guests you will send home after a vacation on the seas!

Cruise ship top deck under neon lights at night


The Tranquil Farmhouse:

Ever noticed how Hollywood shows have people going to the Hamptons for their annual vacations?? Well you too can choose a quaint little place, either your own farmhouse or a rented one to stay with the entire guest list under one roof and make merry for days together!

Farmhouse Wedding

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