Before she says ” I DO”, Let’s have a Drink or Two


Aiming to be the best bridesmaid in the world? Planning to make the last few days of your bestie’s singlehood worth remembering the entire lifetime? Match this checklist to ensure that you throw her the best Bachelorette bash ever!

Pick out a Theme:

The first and most obvious step would be picking a theme and make sure that you don’t miss out the little details. Some sure-shot themes that are guaranteed to make the party a huge success could be the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme, Black Tie, Retro, Bollywood and lots more. So go ahead give your girlfriend the best going away party.



The Invite:

Make it bubbly, make it Girly with lots of hearts and doodles- no one’s judging! Choose the best font and bam! You have 20 girls dying to attend the hottest party in town.



Party Decoration:

From sassy pink balloons to pink crepes and pom-poms to personalized paper cups, give the soon-to-be bride a treat to last a lifetime.




Party Favors:

From Cute little moustaches to remind the bride-to-be of her man to Bridesmaids sashes and glittering tiaras, make sure the girls feel like Beauty Queens.




Cake It Up:

This is where you can max out on imagination! From elegant buttercream cakes to the naughty chocolaty ones *wink wink*, ensure that your blushing bride bursts into tears – of joy, surprise, shock or embarrassment!



Party Gifts:

Return happy guests with pocket-friendly gifts. Pretty little rings, customized neckpieces or adorable decorated headbands, the girls need to be sent home happy and grinning!



A Photo-Booth:

The planner deserves her fun and what better than therapeutic selfies and cool pictures to freeze the memories of the amazing day!



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