7 Tips to Plan the Perfect Themed Birthday Party for your Kid

Planning the perfect themed birthday party for a child can be pretty tricky. From deciding on the ideal theme to deciding on what to make your child wear, there is so much involved in pulling off an impressive themed party. Let’s look at some tips to make this feat easier:




1.  When in Doubt, Ask:


The best idea to decide on the theme is to ask your child what he or she wants. It’s ideal to decide on a more generic theme like the underwater theme, or the jungle theme or even a favorite color. This opens up more options for you to improvise on the costume and decorations and the guest will have wider choices to pick from in case they decide to dress up for the occasion. So ask what your kid wants and then build a theme around it

2. Cake and Costume:


These are the major factors of a birthday party. Plan for a birthday cake that would complement the theme well. You can either bake it yourself or order for a customized birthday cake. Same goes for the costume.

3. Customized Decorations:


If you are on the creative side, then you can make the decorations yourself. Else order to get them done. Always remember to book in advance. Nowadays decoration companies can do wonders to themed parties by providing life sized cut outs of all the favourite cartoon characters under the sun.

4. Lighting and Music:

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Make sure you choose the kind of mood lighting and music that would go with the chosen theme. The theme will not be a success if the ambiance is not set well.

5. Games and Activities:


Plan for interesting activities related to the theme so that the guests will have fun. For example, if you have decided on a Disney Princess theme, you can plan games like finding the hidden poison apples (fake poison apple), or which shoe fits the princess the best or naming all the seven dwarves to win a prize.

6. Food:


Of course, food is an important part of every themed birthday party. Try to find out ways in which you can customize the food to match the theme. But the main thing is that it should taste good.

7. Return Gifts:


Return gifts are a must when your guests mostly consist of children. Put some candy and small toys in attractive gift bags and hand them over to the kids before wrapping up the show.

The key is to plan ahead of time and think of ideas that would go well with the theme. You can also take the help of an event management team if you want to take the party to the next level.

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