Birthdays around the World!

Your birthday is without doubt one of the most important days in your life, just like it is for the millions of people around the world who share their birthdays with you. Ever wondered how your birthday twins celebrate their birthday while you celebrate yours in your own, personal way? Let’s find out.




1.  Birthday Bumps Tradition from Ireland:


One wonders if the birthday bump tradition came from Ireland where the birthday child it lifted upside down and bumped on the floor. So if a child is turning 8, he will be bumped 10 times- 1 extra bump for good luck. Sounds rather painful, doesn’t it?

2. Getting floured Tradition from Jamaica:


On the day of one’s birthday, there will be a lot of singing and dancing, after which the birthday child will get covered in flour. No matter your age, you are bound get attacked by your friends and relatives with handfuls of flour and innovative flouring tactics.

3. The New Year Birthday Tradition from Vietnam:


This may sound a bit sad as the Vietnamese do not really keep a track of their exact birth date. Instead, they celebrate a collective birthday on their new year, also known as Tet. Children are given red envelopes filled with birthday money on New Year. At least the Vietnamese husbands do not have to worry about forgetting their wives’ birthdays.

4. Earlobe Pulling Tradition from Brazil:


This sounds less painful than the Irish birthday tradition. The birthday child gets his or her ear pulled the number of times equaling their age. The child also gets to choose whom to give the first slice of cake to.

5. Buttering the Nose Tradition from Canada:


Canada has an interesting solution to get rid of bad luck- the birthday kids are made to grease their noses with butter so that bad luck slips away for the year. Birthday bump tradition too is practiced in some parts of the country.

6. Fairy Bread Tradition from Australia:


In Australia, you get to celebrate you birthday by snacking on the yummy fairy bread, which is made out of buttered up bread covered with sweet, colorful sprinkles known as ‘hundreds and thousands’. It must be so that child has a sweet year ahead and has hundreds and thousands of reasons to be happy.

7. Chair Raising Tradition from Israel:


In Israel, the birthday child is made to sit on a chair and the chair is lifted the number times that equals the child’s age, plus one time extra for good luck. This could be tiring for the chair bearers once you cross the age of 20.

8. New Clothes and Prayers Tradition from India:


In India, people usually stat their birthdays with a prayer. The children get new clothes and sweets, and they are allowed to skip wearing their school uniforms on their birthdays. Apart from this the celebration will vary depending on different traditions and cultures in the country.

9. Forehead Marking Tradition from Nepal:


In Nepal, the person celebrating the birthday is marked with a mixture made colored rice yogurt on his or her forehead. This is supposed to bring good luck throughout the year.

10. Birthday Pie Tradition from Russia:


Russians choose to cut birthday pies instead of birthday cakes. Instead of icing, the birthday greeting will be carved on to the pie crust. At times the pies would also be filled with tiny surprises.

How wonderful it is to have a world filled with hundreds of different ways to celebrate birthdays. Today, many birthday customs have become universal- like the German birthday cakes, the Irish birthday bumps and the piñatas from Mexico. Whatever the custom is, the happiness and joy felt during the occasion is the same throughout the globe.

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