Oh what fun, it’s my “BIRTHDAY” mom!

As a child, the thing that excited you the most about birthdays were the birthday parties! Cutting the cake, receiving gifts, dressing up nicely, having a variety of delicacies, enjoying with friends outside of school; that’s what birthdays meant for you.


Well now that you have your own children, it’s obvious you want to see pretty much the same excitement on their face. Here we shall suggest you a few sure shot ideas of How to make your child’s birthday celebration a WHOOMING SUCCESS!!!

Young girl celebrating her birthday
Young girl celebrating her birthday
Now, the secret behind a successful birthday party is to develop it around the likings of your child. For example, if your child loves cricket, a cricket themed party will surely make him super happy. A cake in the shape of a stadium, a dress of his favorite cricketer and a cricketing kit as a gift will make him dance over his head and enjoy the party to the fullest; thus fulfilling the aim, right?

There are “The Three Ingredients” that make any outdoor party a confirm hit are:-


CAKE – This is the central focus of the party and should always be of the choice f the child. Whether the mouth-watering butter scotch flavour, or the mesmerising chocolate or any of the hundreds of others available, they must always be the top priority for your child’s party.


A pile of cupcakes
A pile of cupcakes

GAMES – Children dig for games; even a party for them is just another occasion to play with friends. So if you can provide them with games to play, trust me, you’ll receive blessings from those innocent souls.




FOOD – Food really has the capability to entangle you in itself and that’s the reason you must serve quality food to entangle the guests in your party.



Taking this entire headache from you, we offer you many solutions. Eventila is an event organizing community that aims at providing you and your child get a perfect birthday party. We offer best in class catering facility (including cakes) so that you get a large variety of menu options to choose from. So, book your next outdoor birthday planning with us through online booking and rest assured, it’ll turn out to be their best birthday ever because- “ we understand the value of feelings”.

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