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Was your 16th birthday party as huge as the 18th one? Did your parents cherish their 19th wedding anniversary as strongly as they cherished the completion of two decades?

In life, it is impossible for us to celebrate all our occasions with utmost zeal and passion. While on some occasions, a life event holds special significance while on others, it simply doesn’t!

This is the case with milestone birthdays and anniversaries in our lives. Whether it’s the 10th birthday of your child, 25th birthday of your partner or friend or maybe the 50th birthday of your parents, all of them are unique and must surely be celebrated that way.


These occasions mark an end to one phase of life and a beginning to another. Consider the following 2 things while planning for your next milestone birthday celebration-

THEME – These days, theme parties are in and are the talk of the town. They simply add a touch of excitement to the party and make it happening. You can choose from a variety of themes like horror, vintage or gangster etc. whichever suits you.


GIFT – The most significant role while cherishing such moments is played by the gift. It shows to the person how much you value them and what importance their relation with you has for you. A few suggestive ideas for the appropriate gifts are-


  • You can gift them a photo collage containing all the moments you’ve held close to your heart with them.
  • You can take a day or two off for them and go out on a trip to enjoy and get new experiences together.

On this important day of their lives, you must give them your time and should not worry about the planning of the party. For that job, here’s the most effective solution-


Eventila is an online event organizing fraternity that specializes in organizing wonderful milestone birthday celebrations. Having an expert team of party suppliers and decorators, we aim at making your party the day to remember with quality catering and birthday cake orders. Plan your next milestone celebration with online booking through Eventila and watch as we make your special day a magical and mesmerizing one.

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