Celebrate your birthday as celebs do

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone, be it a normal person or a celebrity. The day is equally special for all of them. A celeb’s birthday celebration becomes talk of the town. You would have someday wished that your birthday should be celebrated in the same way like a celeb does. Well, that’s very simple and easy; you can also celebrate your birthday like a celebrity by following some cool celebration ideas. Though they can prove to be bit expensive but trust me it will make you most popular among your friends.

Go for live music for your party: Music can add energy and life to a boring party and it is best if there is live music. Search for best live bands that suit your party theme or go for a bindaas DJ.



Rent out a club: This idea would be definitely expensive, but if you can afford, go out and rent out a club and host your party there and let your guests enjoy over the dance floor, stage and own rented bar.



Arrive in style: Rent out your favourite car with a driver and arrive at your party in style. This would leave a long term impression on them and will give them a reason to discuss you in the coming days.

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Party like there’s no tomorrow: Don’t let your friends and other guests rest from the dance floor and make them dance all night. Ofcourse, the party is not meant for sitting and chatting all long.



Party for multiple days: Take your close friends and family members on a long trip and hold your birthday celebrations for multiple days.



Destination Birthday: Just like destination weddings, plan a destination birthday celebration and choose an exotic location to begin the fun.



The Guest List: Friends and family members are always part of birthday celebrations. How about adding the cool kids, whom you might not know very well, in the party to make the party look more vibrant and energetic!



Get a helping hand: The most important rule of partying like a celebrity, ‘never get caught doing anything your own and always hire a help for it’. Don’t just party like a celeb but be a celeb in your circle.


So, next time when you are planning to throw a party in a celebrity style and looking for party booking, just search through internet and do online booking through Eventila to make your celebration a big day for you and yes of course, for your friends and other guests too.

Blog by- Rahul Malhotra

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