Parent’s Milestone Birthday: Time flies, but Memories don’t

A parent’s milestone birthday – be it 50th or 75th or even 100th –  is something that would make every offspring wonder how time has slipped away through their fingers like a fistful of sand. Children naturally assume that their parents will stick with them forever. Have you ever thought of a time when they would cease to exist? Wasn’t it only yesterday that your father was walking around with you on his shoulders? Didn’t your mother just chase you around the house for breaking her favorite vase? When did all the time slip away, ever since? You look at them now and notice wrinkles and potbellies and heightening baldness. You realize how they look more and more tired as the years pass.

It can really come as a shock when you look at old photographs and then see your parents now; to realize how they have aged. You try to convince yourself how age is just a number; what really matters are the memories that were created over the years. Although there is nothing wrong in thinking that way, it is also necessary to make sure that you know how to make good memories. How hard could it be to make them smile?




Come to think of it, parents are the easiest ones to please- they need nothing from you but your company and happiness. Think of how a hug from you can light up your mother’s day. Try going on a walk with your dad and watch a beautiful sunset in shared silence. Find time to have dinner together, watch a movie with them once in a while, go on a trip together-it is always the little things that count. Let’s not wait till their 50th or 75th birthday to make such realizations. The earlier we start the more memories we can give life to.



Make their milestone birthday party an occasion to remember. Of course, taking out the time to plan everything with your busy work schedule can be a daunting task. But don’t let that stop you from showing your parents how important they are for you. While you are busy with work, the guest list and memories of your childhood parties, we at Eventila will be busy compiling a list of best suited party venues, menu options, décor preferences, photographers and fun activities for the special day. You can pick and choose from the customized options that we bring to you on a single platform within your budget.

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Do let us assist you in bringing that million dollar smile on your parent’s face and making their eyes sparkle with joy and pride.

Picture Source: Piku and Kapoor & Sons

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