Housewarming Party

Getting a new home for yourself is one of the finest moments of your life. After all those years of painstaking savings and rent ordeal, you can finally call a property, proudly as your “home”. As you set with your family to relish this new exciting event of your life; a housewarming party sure calls for a thumbsup! No matter small or big, a housewarming party is a perfect excuse to share your happiness with your loved ones and friends, show gratitude to people and not to forget, an opportunity to liaison with your new neighbours.

After all the “pooja” for the “Griah Pravesh”, arranging for a simple, yet classy “Housewarming Party” should not bother you much. We know, you must be worrying about finding the right party organizers and shuffling through the checklist numerous times to put your memorable day perfectly before your guests. We present below few smart tips to make your housewarming party casual and relaxing:

  • Plan your budget: The trick to a great party within your pockets is to plan your budget in advance. This will make you prioritize the items you absolutely wish to pool into your party, thereby sparing your money to go into things which are spurious. A smart allocation of your budget to things like décor, food, drinks, gifts, photographer etc will save you the hassle of over-expenditure.

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  • Make your list and send your “Invites” well in advance: You don’t want to miss on your best pals when it comes to showing your new home and celebrating your happiness with them. Keeping your closed ones in the list is a good idea for a small classy event. Make sure to include your new neighbours, after all, you will see and meet them every day for rest of your stay at your new address. It’s your house, so make sure you figure out the capacity of heads you can accommodate for a casual fun-filled evening. No one likes a “crowded”, “shouting” house!


  • Good food equals good welcome: We mean this seriously! A house-warming party with smart snacking and lip-smacking food will go a long way in cementing your relationships and making your party a memorable affair for others. You don’t have to face the ordeal of spending your day in kitchen. Book your favourite menu – Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc. from our exhaustive list of restaurant chains at best deals; promised to be delivered to you right on time.


  • Fun-activities: Any party is incomplete without actions. Your guests will love you for putting together incredible fun activities. Simple games, group chats, warm music will ensure your party is effortlessly relaxing and interactive. A simple web search of such games will provide you with several ideas. A tour of your house through an interactive game session is a good idea to indulge in, and for your guests to admire your new home.


  • Raise toast, click pictures, and thank your guests: Who said, candid moments are only for weddings? Your new house is an accomplishment and hiring a photographer to capture your happiness will make your house-warming party memorable for years. Save your memorable day by choosing from the list of exclusive photographers listed on “Eventila ” website. At “Eventila” we ensure a smart profile of photographers are presented in a precis manner along with their specialization, pictures and approximate charges. “Search, Select and Book” – in 3 simple steps you have the best service delivered to you.  Accept compliments from your guests graciously and don’t forget to humbly say “thank- you”.

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