For That Important “Team Lunch” for Your Employees!!

Jane Austen once said, “My idea of a good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation”. How true the words hold today where business creation, sharing of knowledge, team building exercises and bonding over the humble “chai par charcha” has shifted beyond the glass and steel cubicles of an office to team lunch and coffee sharing at your nearest favorite spot.


Companies are always struggling to invoke ideas that can let their employees balance the work pressure simultaneously with engaging and friendly work environment. And one good way to improve upon this skill is the “Team Lunch” at a nearby interesting place that not just satiates the craving bellies of your employees but also gives impetus to them to give back their best to the company. Result, Win-win situation for both!!

Truth be told, lunch hours are the only hours where everyone in the office right from CEO to the manager finds time for a chat, sharing their views, crying (well, just literally!!) over the workload of a particular project, crack jokes on your next door fellow’s habit and take a little break from the monotonous work routine. Most HRs are actively promoting the idea of breaking few hours for team lunch probably once a week or once a month precisely to strive for ways to create an emotional bond for the organization in the employee’s mind.


Having said the importance of team lunch for your organization, the following factors are considered as you hold discussions with the manager of the restaurant or cafeteria:

  • Corporate deals for that exciting lunch menu which promises to include wide range of dishes, something to make each of your team member happy
  • The ambience – since it’s an office break, a soothing yet lively ambience is essential to generate positive vibes.
  • The day of the venue – it’s a proven fact that most restaurants offer crazy yet pocket friendly deals on weekdays. ( P.S – Eventila recommends “GRAB SUCH DEALS” 🙂 )
  • Opportunity for long term engagement – again, it’s an office lunch and we love to create long term association with people of our interest. (Though you may not consider going to same place every time yet once in a while you may return there for another crazy lunch hour!)

And now the big question, which restaurant to choose that promises to fulfill your expectations?

Don’t worry, just browse through our website, and in three easy steps you shall be done with your task.

  • Select your Team Lunch date
  • Choose from the exciting Corporate menu deals offered by our exhaustive list of restaurants
  • Place the order and come over with your team to enjoy the fun office break together, SIMPLE!!

Still thinking for the output??

Happy employees and Happy you……need we say MORE!!

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