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Top 4 Trending Floral Jewellery Ideas for Brides

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Stylish Floral Jewellery for Haldi and Mehendi functions are the latest craze in town! Every bride wants to adore herself with unique Floral Jewellery to match their outfits to look outstanding and appealing. 

Wedding Industry is flooded with choices and floral designs. So, we have compiled together some of the most trendy styles and latest floral jewellery fashion that we have spotted at real weddings. 

Go ahead and discover the colourful vibrant floral world!

Gota jewellery

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Colourful Gota with its rich colours gives you an attractive look!  You can choose between a handmade floral gotta jewellery or a readymade one. But make sure to invest in something which compliments your outfit! 

Dry/Artificial Jewellery

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Besides the Gota one, you can invest in buying floral artificial jewellery.  These are more trending these days because of the multiple options available in the market to suit your taste and style. 

You can keep it and try it anytime you want, it is long lasting and never loses its charm. Just like this line, your day will be filled with rhymes and happiness. And, that’s what is important!

Real Flowers

Real Flowers| jewellery| floral jewellery | wedding jewellery| Haldi| Mehndi| haldi jewellery

When you want your day filled with the fragrance of red roses, mogra and many more… You should try the real flowers. It gives you a fresh and appealing look, adding to your happiness.  

Pearl Floral Jewellery 

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Pearls are the things which add some royalty to your floral jewellery. Its tiny shiny beads have its own charm, adding elegance and class to your complete haldi and mehndi look.

Check out these options, that we have been stalking on Instagram. We are sure you would love the colours and designs of these jewelleries made of artificial or real flowers. 

Don’t think… Try it and make your Haldi special and glamorous!

Still looking for more options? Check out our past blog and Instagram page to find something of your taste! 

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