6 jewellery pieces to Glam up the Desi Bride

I can speak for all the gorgeous modern Indian women getting hitched, our worst nightmare is all the yellow bling on an elegant joda. With Indian brides no more withstanding the Aunty-led dictatorship, we can thankfully choose little pieces of precious wedding jewellery that can luckily NOT be tucked away safely in the Locker never to be worn again!! Here are some jewellery box essentials for this wedding season:

Delicate Maang Tika:

Starting from the crown, this is one wedding piece that has seen a huge revolution. From heavy, all yellow elaborate Maatha Patti to a subtle tika, one can find modern, chic and delicate pieces in the market with precious stones set in artistically.

tika-2 tika-3


Shahi Jhoomar:

The Indian bride is ditching chunky jewellery pieces with bold statement jewelries, the most in vogue being the Jhoomar. Worn sideways on the head, it adds the ethereal charm to the desi bride.




Quintessential Nath:

Nothing completes the Indian woman better than a Nath. Not too elaborate, just a gold hoop with a jewelled flower, or a plain Marwari nath or the traditional Muslim Nath with pearls can do the magic!

nath-2 nath-1


Bold Kundan Neckpiece:

Jump out of the neckpiece race by avoiding wearing 3 or 4 or God knows every necklace your parents bought for the wedding just for the sake of curios aunties and go for one chunky kundan necklace that goes with every color and every outfit.

kundan-necklace-1 kundan-necklace-2


Bejewelled Haathphool:

This remains my favourite piece of jewellery. A little adornment for your beautiful hands so that when you greet your guests with a handshake or a salaam, they will end up mesmerized by the hathphools charm!!

haathphool-2 hathphool-3


Sensual Paazeb:

What adorns a Bride’s feet better than chunky pieces of anklets or the traditional Paazeb which have substituted the basic Paayal. The new husband is sure to be enchanted by the glamour on your feet!

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